[How To] Get Dual Start Screen in WP8 Devices

Windows 8 Phones aren’t really well known for tweaks and MODs. But one can always find loopholes and use them in your advantage. How convenient it would be to have two start screens instead of one. Anyone owning a WP8 Device must be knowing the difficulties of having pinned too many apps on the Home screen. It would be so much easier to have several home screens. Though not several, you can however have two Home screens in your WP8 Device.

Alternate home screen

The dual home screen functionality can be attained with the use of Kid’s Corner. Kid’s Corner is an in-built functionality in WP8 that allows you to exercise Parental control over the apps and content that your child can access on your WP8 Device. Kid’s Corner is originally used when your child often access your WP8 device and you want to restrict the access to only specific apps and other contents present in the phone.

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