Apple collaborates with Amazon for the exclusive sale of CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; children’s training toilet with support arm for iPad

Officially introducing something on the lines of “iThingy“ is a customary practice for Apple. Before the launch of their products, a mysterious secrecy is accentuated with the ascent of speculative rumors and several other itemizations.  The cryptic writings are always unrevealed and these products come into sight with huge surprises as they mark their presence over the course of time. During the time that such revelations are officially announced, the excitement levels associated with Apple’s products just keeps rolling out newer pastures.

Along these lines, users can turn their attention to the newest entrant in Apple’s illustrious category of products. Originally featured as a product by Amazon, dubbed as the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; Apple has collaborated with Amazon for the exclusive sale of this handy product.iPotty Continue reading

Amazon to unveil HTC-built smartphone; expected early 2014 [Reports]

Based on report released by DigiTimes, it has come to sight that Amazon is set to unveil a smartphone launching early 2014. As the rumors surface up with consistent regularity, we are presented with information that highlights the arrival of this upcoming handset. Primax has already been flooded with orders for the compact camera modules (CCM) which are extensively used in Amazon smartphones. According to confirmed reports from DigiTimes, it is regarded that Amazon’s smartphone will feature floating touch technology that will be in conjunction with six CCM sensors.Amazon_Smartphone Continue reading

Galaxy Note 3 available for $199 on-contract through Amazon, depending on your respective carrier

Usually on contract devices are a good way to actually acquire newly released devices at a reasonable amount. It is a better approach to obtain new handsets rather than shelling out a lot of money which burns a hole in our pockets. The Galaxy Note 3 falls in the premium category of devices that was announced recently and this revelation is exorbitantly priced at $299 on contract. This is in comparison to the other handsets available.Galaxy Note 3 Continue reading