How To Get iOS 7 Beta Control Center On Android

Slowly and steadily as we advance forward to the wide array of features that are presented with Apple’s beta versions, Android developers and users will feel the need to try them out on their own particularized device.

As iOS tries to incorporate newer features or update their platform based on features that were previously pioneered by the Android platform, an Android developer will always want to try some of the newfangled features. Especially trying out Apple’s iOS 7 beta Control Center feature can be an interesting option and Hi Tools Studio has contributed towards this development by recreating this Control Center for Android users. Control Center on Android
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Download and Install the New Google Hangouts App

Just yesterday Mountain View broadcasted the announcement with respect to the launch of their new messenger app at the Google I/O. A new messenger app called Hangouts was released for the Android, Chrome and iOS. This is an ideal replacement for the Google Talk and is available for Android, Chrome, and iOS.
This app acts as a beneficial cross-platform unified messaging product. It is set to replace the conventional Google Talk and will bestow one-on-one and group chatting across desktop, Android and Apple devices. Furthermore it will also include photos, emoji and video calls. The general understanding is that this app helps in integrating the messaging from Google’s GTalk, Google+ Messenger, Hangouts and Voice products.
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Android Apps to Automatically Change our Ringtone Volume depending on your Surroundings

Usually it is an irritating aspect with respect to your handset’s ringtone acting as the standout noise highlighting element in various cases. Thus can get embarrassing in instances when there is complete silence or during serious situations where disturbance is detrimental in some critical situations. However, this can be easily tackled if the device is put on silent. But sometimes this is a forgotten aspect during the time that the individuals are busy or something.

Along these lines, here we emphasize our interest on two unique apps which devise the methodology in automatically detecting the surrounding noise level. Also, the particular phone ringtone volume can be adjusted accordingly.Intelligent-Ringer
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Take Advantage of ReLaunch and Launch apps from anywhere in Android

As we advance forward with respect to several developments in technology, the ease of use facilitated by the specific applications continues to amaze us with the efficiency and simplicity provided by these aspects. There are a plethora of notable entities that serve fruitful in various circumstances and thus expedite the resulting process of performing actions in an effective manner.

Multitasking is a traditional benchmark when considered with the current generation of handsets. The ease of use, proficient working of the intended task helps the user in overcoming the time restrictions and thus ends up performing activities in a super-fast manner thus saving time. Along these lines, ReLaunch is an application which serves beneficial in that aspect that the particular individual can easily switch between apps or launch new apps employing this on their device.ReLaunch
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How to Run Android Apps on a PC

All those people those are missing out on the action going on around in the Smartphone world must be wishing for a smartphone soon. Or even those who own an Android smartphone but don’t want to miss a second of it when using your PC. Do not worry, the wait is over!

Here is a way you can run almost any Android app on your PC! This has been made possible due to an application called “YouWave”. YouWave is a Android simulator that runs a simulation of the Android version 2.3.4, Gingerbread. It acts just like any Android device and can run a variety of Apps. It uses the Internet connection of your PC to connect to the Internet.

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