How to Increase/Decrease Android Screen Lock Time

We have already seen How to Unlock Android device when you forget pattern in the previous sections dispatched for an individual’s benefiting purposes when an individual forgets the particular Pattern, PIN or Password. It is a maddening sight if one remembers the Pattern, PIN or Password and yet this manages to get on his/her nerves due to the constant ask for this particular setup. Therefore, setting up a delay time to the screen lock acts as a smart and effective way to deal with the same.

It is common sight for Mobile Phone users to keep their device locked for security purposes or for confidentiality purposes. It is a cakewalk to manifest this particular aspect on an individual’s handset, but sometimes it may lead to irritation or prove as an annoying factor. There are individuals who activate the security lock on the Android device. Now, this lock can be in the form of PIN, Password or a specific Pattern as set up by the user.

screen Lock Pattern
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