Check out the new Gameplay video of Angry Birds Go! [Teaser]

A while ago, back in June there were lowdowns and other teasers that displayed an Angry Birds-themed kart racing game. During the time that this surfaced up, such a game was in the works and at present this game dubbed as Angry Birds Go has been publically released for consumer’s view. The functionality of this game includes 3D Piggy Island as the location wherein a plethora of characters encompassing unique special powers and a fully rendered 3D world are shown.Angry-Birds-Go-teaser- Continue reading

Angry Birds Star Wars: First Gameplay trailer [video]

Angry Birds has conventially been the favorite addicting game of all time. Hence, as we look forward & wait impatiently for the new version to be released it’s a matter of standing the test of time for yet another wonderful game. There is excitement building up as revelations on the Angry Birds Star Wars surface up instilling enthusiasm in the minds of the fanatical playing group. There are plenty reasons dished out for the emergence of this newer version. There are two possibilities to look in this regard in reference to the newest arrival. By the simplest observation it was a clear fact that Angry Birds Space rarely signified a change in the course of the game, or a radical upbringing of certain additional factors, scenarios. Juxtaposing Bad Piggies alongside Rovio’s credentials, it failed to live up the hype or the entertainment factor associated with Angry Birds.
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