Stop Smoking! Top 5 Smartphone Apps that can help get Rid of this Habit

The addictive habit of Smoking is highly persistent amongst several groups of people. These individuals range from different age groups and the habit just goes on escalating over prolonging periods of time. It is an activity that gathers consistency as a person gets persistent with the on-going habit. Hence, it is imperative to quit smoking in order to live along life. Everyone knows Smoking is injurious to health and there are various complications caused due to severe effects caused by smoking, but still no one pays attention to its pitfalls and still dwells on the cruel habit. Thus, anti-smoking initiatives surface up in order to try to control this habit for the benefit of the individuals. Hence, presented below are certain apps that can aid the user in quitting this habit of Smoking. The apps are exemplified sequentially in no particular order. All apps are important with respect to their own functioning.Kick Smoking
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