Return of the Google Maps App in iTunes Store

The excruciating wait is over!

It a sign of relief for the fans of Google Maps, definitely now even the iPhone and iPad users can also bestow the functionality provided by the Google Maps.

Finally, after the Apple maps and its controversies we inescapably turn our attention to Google Maps yet again. As reported earlier in a snippet posted by us, we had mentioned about the possibility of Google Maps returning to iPhone. To lay an end to the on-going speculation about the same, we are dished out here with the information that Google has unveiled an application of the official Google Maps for the iOS. After the way Apple maps had enforced upon striking a chord with the users and failing in their pursuits, it was a matter of time that Google Maps to surfaced up yet again in the iTunes App Store. The announcement has been made & assuredly the users have an alternative to Appleā€™s sub-par maps.
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