Samsung held accountable yet again for patent infringement by Apple!

The on-going dispute between Apple-Samsung takes ascension with every move that Apple takes with respect to the whole scenario. These dispatchments continue to progress from time to time depending on the course of action taken by these both giants in the playing field. This continuous blame game, behavior of suing by Apple is progressing with every situation, and it is starting to get old with every story that surfaces up regarding the unfinished suing programs undertaken by Apple.

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Apple loses brand name “iPhone” in Mexico after losing a court case

Accounting for the recent front-page news, it is a disclosure by Electronista that Apple has been defeated in regard to a court case in Mexico. This narration stems from the various broadcasting that is telecasted through the presented report. The itemization that was in reference to this case included Apple losing the rights to the “iPhone” name in that specific country. The regard for the ruling manifested due to the recital sounding phonetically similar to a telecommunications company. This company was registered in 2003 with the company name as iFone.

iFone sounding phonetically similar to iPhone

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Apple’s double-crossed public apology to Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

After the accusations, blame game & other notable dispatchments that surfaced up with respect to the Apple v/s Samsung dispute, here is a tiding that completely acts as a notable change to the entire scenario fashioned out in this confrontation. From some recent low downs on these specific revelations, judge Colin Birss propositioned some more on the controversy.

The major cognizance that included a part of the judge’s manifestation include that Apple was appealed and summoned to roll out an apology for the hassles that resulted open to view in reference to the verdict. After the various incidents that took centre stage after Samsung’s infringement of design patents, recent narrations have spread the word ostentatiously loud that Apple has presented an apology which has seen its appearance on
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Samsung gearing up to Sue Apple!

Revenge is dish best served bitter cold is what they say!

Apple Samsung patent war

Samsung took a beating from Apple and now owes more than $1 billion for patent infringement, for copying the designs of the old iPhone. Here we see Samsung furnishing, gearing up for suing Apple in Europe and United States just after the official unveiling of iPhone 5 goes ahead.. (As iPhone 5 is expected to come with 4G LTE connectivity)

These snippets are described from various sources with the primary resource The Korea Times carrying the report. With quotations attached in the report, this cited information is supposed to be from a certain Samsung employee. The propaganda that has been highlighted includes targeting Apple’s home turf, namely countries in Europe and even United States.

Apple vs Samsung

It is taken as gospel placing confidence in iPhone 5 infringing on 4G LTE connectivity as patented by Samsung. To be of the opinion of, Apple has stated that 3G patents can be used, but there has been no pinpointing reference to 4G LTE as of now.

Mobilizing the above, the insider spokesperson presented his views to The Korea Times emphasized about making ready and gearing up when the call is on LTE patents. These are notified to be new and highly valued!

Apple requests Court to Ban 8 Samsung Smartphones in USA

The Samsung’s patent infringement case is the hot topic all around the international mobile market. Apple won the case by proving 3 patent infringements by Samsung. Samsung has to pay over $1.05 billion in fines to Apple!

Apple vs Samsung

But it seems Apple wont stop here; They want to take this one step further in destroying the competiton given by the korean giant by banning 8 Samsung phones that are infringing these patents. Apple has submitted to a US judge, a list of 8 Samsung Smartphones that it wants to be pulled out of shelves as well as banned from US.

The phones that Apple wants banned from US are:

  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Galaxy S2 AT&T
  • Galaxy S2
  • Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
  • Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
  • Galaxy S Showcase
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Prevail

Samsung has appealed a lift of ban on its Galaxy tab 10.1, which was alleged as a infringing Apple patents, but the charges disproved in this trial. The judge has scheduled a hearing on 20th September to discuss Apple’s demand for the ban.

Most of the Samsung products found to have infringed Apple’s patent were older devices no longer being sold. The list Apple submitted to the court represents devices they believes are still being sold in US stores.

Even after this victory by Apple, Google said that this victory is just a small hitch and it won’t affect Android in any way. Android currently holds a majority in the US Smartphone market and hopes to have it that way for at least the near future!

All said and done the question remains unanswered: Whether Apple’s competition will have to redesign their Smartphones and UI/UX to avoid patent infringement?

Foundation is laid for the Round 2 of the Apple v/s Samsung dramaturgy!

As opinions tumble and decisions stumble, we begin for the next phase of the adjudication that propelled lilting up ignited after the first round of the war front began. So, what lies ahead in the sequel to the imposed law judgment? Surely no doubt to the fact that the patent system is a terribly broken condition and Samsung maybe will have to come up with more ideas or pay for the patents. Now, unquestionably the verdict thrives the development of a strong base for innovation of own ideas and creations rather than implement crazy versions of Apple products.

Samsung Galaxy series vs Apple iPhone

Apple notched up a victory by proving Samsung of infringement, but the quest for conquering the final frontier will take place after a request is submitted on 29th August by Apple for allowing Samsung to counter and come back at the level playing field against the charges. Thus the jury will commence the hearing on 20th September giving Samsung two weeks to refute any claims or pay heed to the guilt. Will this be the case of awakening the dragon? Or the usual Android outpacing iPhone will never cease?

Beyond shadow of doubt, Apple has won a larger reward but it is the consumers who lose with this verdict as time flows we would see rapid efficacious changes in the designs going effective over a while or is it really a case of justice well served in Apple’s plate?

Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

In the midst of these happenings that cultivate on, All Things D point out that there will be attempts from Samsung to overturn the whole argument and hence will pursue the appeal process. As tagging along with the continual of discussions, there were also certain exchanges and views, opinions discussed by Nilay Patel from The Verge remarking about Android’s slow run off to changing UI and physical appearances with respect to the lessons viewed from the verdict. Who knows, maybe from this pronouncement Samsung might come up with something unimaginable innovating new ways to interact with UI’s and other aspects and after the iClones we were put forward gazing at our eyes, it proves a blessing in disguise that manufacturers/developers/company giants will be forced to come up with new ideas.

Apple 1-0 Samsung : The arbitrament is out; Apple wins patent case against Samsung!

Apple vs Samsung court battle

Finally, the adjudication on the on-going trial was accomplished and Apple supplemented their cause by proving that Samsung did violate the antitrust obligations regarding its patents. The way the jury settled the verdict, the eventuality looked obvious. The after effect of this impact is that Samsung has been barred from enforcing its ‘516 and ‘941 patents. Considering the longevity and the extent of causatum on the residual discussions, isn’t it obvious to get a common thought that shouldn’t Apple have patent these hallmarks before their competitors grab hold of their hands on them? Giving expertise to Samsung, Google would have made Apple a more profitable organization, nevertheless the denouement of the verdict concluded that Samsung will have to pay Apple a sum of $1.05 billion in damages for willfully infringing on Apple’s intellectual property. Now, this is what kills innovation!

Apple-Samsung copied Smartphone

Before, the unanimous decision was, the jury was equally set force into action with rigorous questioning on a 20 page jury form across 33 groups. In the closing arguments of the trial Apple lawyer told Samsung: “Make your own phones” (as reported by Ars Technica)

Apple vs Samsung lawsuit

This verdict managed to trigger up and offshoot Apple’s stock rise after the jury had found that Samsung had infringed upon trade dress and Apple patents whose residue is that Samsung owes the hefty penalty. Surely, considering the humongous nature of this trial it’s plausible to be expecting a appeal sooner than later.

Just for more info, Samsung made huge profits from this design rip-off and this $1.05 billion penalty seems to be too low in comparison to those huge sums of in-flowing cash!