Apple collaborates with Amazon for the exclusive sale of CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; children’s training toilet with support arm for iPad

Officially introducing something on the lines of “iThingy“ is a customary practice for Apple. Before the launch of their products, a mysterious secrecy is accentuated with the ascent of speculative rumors and several other itemizations.  The cryptic writings are always unrevealed and these products come into sight with huge surprises as they mark their presence over the course of time. During the time that such revelations are officially announced, the excitement levels associated with Apple’s products just keeps rolling out newer pastures.

Along these lines, users can turn their attention to the newest entrant in Apple’s illustrious category of products. Originally featured as a product by Amazon, dubbed as the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; Apple has collaborated with Amazon for the exclusive sale of this handy product.iPotty Continue reading

Olloclip launches a new 3-in-1 photo lens for Apple’s iPhone 5c [Images]

Olloclip has introduced a new accessory for the iPhone 5c owners. The recent itemization serves as a timely arrival for the holiday period. The makers of popular clip-on iPhone lens kits have revealed a newfangled 3-in-1 photo lens, which has been designed specifically for the iPhone 5c.5c-olloclip-
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Android towers above dominating the tablet market share and revenue over Apple [Reports]

According to an analysis report published by IDC, it is viewable that Android devices have prominently gained supremacy over Apple’s iOS devices to achieve a larger share of the market in terms of revenue. It is displayable that Android revenue share has propelled to 46.2% in 3Q13, where in the process it has managed to surpass the iPad share of 45.6%. During this period, it is seen that Android’s unit share has arose and grown to 66.7%. This is quite a rise from the 58.5% which appeared a year ago.

It can be seen that Android’s share has seen an ascension to 66.7% from 58.5% that was present a year ago. On the contrary, it is seen that iPad’s share has fallen down to 29.7% from the 40.2% that was existing previously.” Android’s share encompassed of devices released by various manufacturers, notably including Samsung and Lenovo.Android-Apple Continue reading

Samsung extends its supremacy in the Worldwide Mobile Market, populating a stagnant share of 32 percent market share

As Android aggrandizes trying to rule over the mobile platform world, its heavy usage on several devices provides a clear picture on how heavily dominated and how popular this mobile platform is in the smartphone industry. Based on a report released by Gartner for analysing the worldwide smartphone sales, it is viewable that Samsung dominates the total smartphone sales. Samsung amasses a giant share of the Android market and this development is hardly surprising. This is due to the fact that Samsung consistently releases new device irrespective of worrying about the market state or even the innovations unveiled by rival competitors.gartner-q3-share Continue reading

Apple announces fifth generation iPad; Labels it the iPad Air

Apple today unveiled the fifth generation iPad calling it the iPad Air. As the name suggests, the latest iPad is much lighter and thinner than its predecessor: 0.4 lbs lighter and 20% thinner to be precise. Even the bezel is 43% thinner than the iPad 4 as was previously reported. As a result, the iPad Air sports a new revamped design.

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LG broadcasts adverts that mock iPhones, Samsung and HTC phones maligning them on different fronts

Talk about taking your creative sparks onto the next level!  New set of broadcastments in Sweden highlight certain banner ads which have been designed specifically for mocking iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners. The adverts produce amusing elements by making fun of these brands over the duration of an advertisement.

Such development is a complete different trend from the ones followed by other manufacturing giants, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. Previously we have seen these giants making mockery of others by releasing adverts which directly try on defaming rivals. LG has completely ignored this trend and taken an alternative route wherein LG manages to convince users through their ads on switching to a better handset, the G2.LG G2 Continue reading

Check out the new Gameplay video of Angry Birds Go! [Teaser]

A while ago, back in June there were lowdowns and other teasers that displayed an Angry Birds-themed kart racing game. During the time that this surfaced up, such a game was in the works and at present this game dubbed as Angry Birds Go has been publically released for consumer’s view. The functionality of this game includes 3D Piggy Island as the location wherein a plethora of characters encompassing unique special powers and a fully rendered 3D world are shown.Angry-Birds-Go-teaser- Continue reading

Google’s “Mobile Meter” app: Get rewarded for sharing your App Usage Data & Web Browsing habits

Google is reportedly expected to release a new program/ mobile system which will assist the users for tracking the progress of and monitoring users’ activity. The app speculatively regarded as “Mobile Meter” will accumulate data based on app’s usage and the behavioural browsing characteristics of a specific user. At present it is regarded that the app will also cater to iOS platform as well, however it is unclear as to how this type of a process will be facilitated through towards accomplishing the desired goal.

According to reports from Engadget, it has been viewed that Google intends to analyse respective user’s app usage in conjunction with the web behavioural habits. This data will be then handled by Google. With hearsays coming in from different quarters, it is construed that this app named as Mobile Meter will be presented as a voluntary service and data will be aggregated for ensuring privacy.Google monitoring tool Continue reading

Apple possibly introducing newer version of Smart Covers with the launch of iPad 5

Based on reports and other rumors it is expected that Apple will officially announce the newest iPad on the 22nd of October, and adding to these itemizations it is regarded that Apple will also be unveiling a Smart cover.

The old cases wont be suitable for the newest iPad. This is because of the fact that the new revelation is based on the outline of the iPad Mini. The unravelling of these smart covers on the same day sounds as a perfect marketing strategy from Apple, which will boost in accruing the sales of their accessories as well as help in killing off the competition from third party accessory makers.Smart Cover Case Continue reading

Jimdo: Build & Maintain a Personal Website using your iPhone, iPad

Traditionally photo editing apps, video altering apps and other social networking apps are the most sought after apps. As newer apps surface up consistently, the amount of apps those are available for users keep accruing as we move forward in time. Generally apps which are useful for building and maintaining websites rarely get attention. Having an app that assists in creating a website using an iPhone can be considered to be a propitious arrival in the categorical set of available apps.

An app called Jimdo serves the purpose in this regard. It provides a functionality which permits action to users for building and creating web and mobile pages. Additionally, the desktop version of the app is also available during the time that an individual doesn’t utilize the iDevice.Jimdo app Continue reading