Want a change of direction from iOS to Android? Learn switching to the same from here!

The hoopla that surrounded around the launch of the new generation phone was met with mixed responses. There were jubilations & celebrations within the Apple faithful camp; others criticized the new handset drawing in comparisons with other devices juxtaposing them with iPhone 5 in the competitive market.

Beyond shadow of doubt, the dust has settled in & now as well look forward to statistics with respect to the market shares, or wed usage or others in particularization there are plausible understandings to notify the same. There, a question arises What if we take a 180 degree turn to all the above discussions & place a change in direction from double-backing from iOS to Android?

iOS vs android

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Web Usage Round: Apple’s iPhone 5 1-0 Samsung Galaxy SIII

After the advancements ascended through after the launching of both phones, iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively were surfaced up in a tug of war with respect to consideration that which was the dominant force upon its arrival.  As expected the Apple haters escalated their voice over the next generation phone not efficient to be compared to the other competitive forces in the market whereas the other loyal Apple fans justified their long terming serving with Apple’s products by placing orders for the new arrival.

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