Leaked Document highlights various non-serviceable iPhone 5s/5c issues [Reports]

During the time that rumors and various other itemizations kept surfacing up over the course of time, it was only a matter of time before Apple officially released the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models. Just this week we were treated to reports on the arrival of these innovations and at presently we can turn our attention to various issues which are displayable as the sales of these handsets accrue with time.

Based on a leaked internal document which has been released out, it has been displayable that some problems or issues that may arise will not be covered under the standard one-year warranty provided by Apple. Under this medium, it is seen that some faults or issues which will these handsets can come across are not even serviceable under this categorical medium. There are some issues that are serviced for free whereas the others might be rectified after charging a fee for the same. However the point to note is about the issues that will be charged irrespective of the warranty because they simply don’t come under the serviceable category.iPhone 5s Continue reading

Apple announces the iPhone 5c: A colorful and budget version of the iPhone 5s

Apple today launched for the first time ever, two iPhones at the same event: the iPhone 5c along with the iPhone 5s. The 5s is going to be Apple’s flagship device whereas the 5c will be a less expensive, toned downed version of it. And unsurprisingly as previously mentioned, it will be available in a variety of colors with a polycarbonate plastic back.

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Apple’s rumoured iWatch to be announced in second half of 2014, will be available for $149-$229 [Rumors]

According to a report which has been released out by the Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, it is regarded that the iWatch will be officially announced in a year’s time from now. Over the year previously there have been several reports citing the arrival of this wearable gadget and now presently we have lowdowns that highlight that the new innovation will be unveiled in the second half of 2014.

Based on current itemizations, it is reported that the iWatch wwill be priced between $149 and $229 and ODM Inventec, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer will be bestowed with sixty percent of iWatch orders. This is the estimation released by an CIMB Group. Additionally, this growth is expected to drive about nineteen percent of Inventec’s profits in 2014.iWatch-packaging-concept Continue reading

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C to be available in 4 colors, graphite iPhone 5S shell displayable online [Rumors]

As we advance forward to the launch date of the upcoming iPhone 5S, we are presented with newer reports that highlight the arrival of the iPhone 5S and 5C. The details just keep trickling in and at present we are viewable to the devices’s rumored colors which are set to arrive with the unveilment of the device. These pictorial depictions represent the iPhone 5S chassis and the information has been obtained from a post on the popular Chinese micro-blogging site.iPhone-5S-graphite-gold Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C expected to be launched in Japan and Greece on September 20 [Reports]

Based on reports released by a prominent Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, it has been revealed that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be officially launched on September 20 in Japan and Greece. The event is expected to begin on Friday, after which several handsets are expected to be revealed.

Usually this is a traditional way of unveiling handsets, which has been further proved by Apple’s history. It is noted that the devices will be announced on the September 10 and according to reports, it is regarded that SoftBank and KDDI will be handling the sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C.
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Nokia takes on Apple’s “Photos Every Day” Ad to highlight iPhone’s poor low-light camera performance

The camera performance of the iPhone 5 is generally considered exceptional as compared to the iPhone 4S/4 in low-light conditions. However, with the advent in technology we have seen several camera phones or phone cameras arrive providing exceptional camera specifications with different functionalities. Along these lines, the high-end Lumia smartphones have traditionally been regarded as the best mobile imaging devices that provide an amazing camera to play around with and considering the superiority level and the dominance with respect to their functionality, Nokia has gone a step further and released out a series of ads which criticize Apple relatively poor low-light performance in comparison to Nokia’s PureView range.

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Leaked images of iPad 5 Front Panel and Digitizer Assembly appear Online [Rumors]

Previously during April this year, we had seen several leaks and rumors surface up which highlighted pictorial depictions of white front panel from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad and over the course of time it was revealed that the iPad 5 will mark its arrival as a larger iPad mini than its current appearance. There were also instances wherein several photos displayed the iPad having narrower side bezels.

Also, a video had come into sight which displayed the next-generation iPad’s front panel along-with digitizer which tags along with a rear shell.ipad-5-digitizer-front Continue reading

Notable Changes that arrive with the released iOS 7 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [VIDEO]

Over the past few weeks, we have Apple releasing out several beta iterations of the upcoming iOS 7 and at present it is reported that Apple has seeded out the iOS 7 beta 5 to developers just a while ago. This latest update arrives after the release of beta 4 and the company appears to be making significant advancements with respect to their newest mobile operating system.

Currently the iOS 7 Beta 5 is available for all the registered Apple developers via the Dev Center and OTA. The individuals are allowed to install this by visiting the Software Update section in the Settings app. This can be performed on proper devices which currently employ iOS 7.

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Download and View Vine Videos Offline

Since the time it has been released, Vine has served as a beneficial utility for the users. But, the app requires internet connectivity to work with and users are provided with no option when the user wants to download Vine videos for offline use. Currently users are allowed to share these particularized videos within the individual’s own account or users have the facility to post these on to Twitter.

During the time that users want Vine videos offline, a jailbreak tweak called VineDownloader presents a beneficial utility for the users. As such no complex Settings or configuration will be required and the normal features of Vine keep working efficiently.VineDownloader Continue reading

Apple’s Upcoming A7 iPhone Chip will constitute Samsung Components

According to reports that surface up from via 9to5Mac, developer Nick Frey has indicated that the code within iOS 7 highlights the possibility of a new upgraded processor. As per presumptions, it has been understood that the iPhone 5S will comprise the A7 processor.

The particularized code possesses a reference to an s5L8960x application processor that is of a larger iteration than the s518950x and the s518955x numeration which is usually found constituting on the A6 and A6X processors, which are originally used in the iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad.a7samsung
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