Google’s “Mobile Meter” app: Get rewarded for sharing your App Usage Data & Web Browsing habits

Google is reportedly expected to release a new program/ mobile system which will assist the users for tracking the progress of and monitoring users’ activity. The app speculatively regarded as “Mobile Meter” will accumulate data based on app’s usage and the behavioural browsing characteristics of a specific user. At present it is regarded that the app will also cater to iOS platform as well, however it is unclear as to how this type of a process will be facilitated through towards accomplishing the desired goal.

According to reports from Engadget, it has been viewed that Google intends to analyse respective user’s app usage in conjunction with the web behavioural habits. This data will be then handled by Google. With hearsays coming in from different quarters, it is construed that this app named as Mobile Meter will be presented as a voluntary service and data will be aggregated for ensuring privacy.Google monitoring tool Continue reading

Jimdo: Build & Maintain a Personal Website using your iPhone, iPad

Traditionally photo editing apps, video altering apps and other social networking apps are the most sought after apps. As newer apps surface up consistently, the amount of apps those are available for users keep accruing as we move forward in time. Generally apps which are useful for building and maintaining websites rarely get attention. Having an app that assists in creating a website using an iPhone can be considered to be a propitious arrival in the categorical set of available apps.

An app called Jimdo serves the purpose in this regard. It provides a functionality which permits action to users for building and creating web and mobile pages. Additionally, the desktop version of the app is also available during the time that an individual doesn’t utilize the iDevice.Jimdo app Continue reading

Download Moto X Wallpapers and System Dump on your Android Device

Just after Google-Motorola Moto X Smartphone got officially unveiled during this week, at present we are highlighted to witness new developments that have accrued along with respect to this device. Currently, Android users have the option of downloading Moto X’s Stock Wallpapers on their respective device. Therefore, individuals possess the beneficial option of downloading these wallpapers on their Android handsets. In total, there are 16 wallpapers and these can be downloaded from here.Moto-X Continue reading

Google introduces the Android Device Manager, Android’s representative of Find My iPhone

Google has introduced an important feature which helps during the instances wherein users can utilize this particularized functionality to find their misplaced or stolen device on a world map. Also users are provisioned out with beneficial utilities for operations like wiping the device’s contents remotely, sending alerts and more.

Previously we have seen that such a utility was available on the iOS platform because of Apple’s Find My iPhone app, and rather than staying behind in the cut throat competition; Google has managed to replicate this type of utility onto the Android platform.

Officially unveiling this feature as the Android Device Manager, the developed utility is a web-based tool which bears resemblance and works similar to the Find My iPhone iOS app + iCloud web interface combo from Apple.Android-Device-Manager-teaser- Continue reading

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android

Instagram is catching up as the primary photo sharing platform and a social network. This emergence can be attributed to the huge social network and other functionalities. After Instagram introduced the video feature on their platform, this led to a series of different videos being uploaded with respect to situations, events or other circumstances.

The users are provided with the option of shooting short videos and uploading them via Instagram and post them to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Along with the photos, the Instagram video will look awesome even after editing work has taken place. Present below is a short tweak which helps in downloading the Instagram video from your Android handset.
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Top Android Apps for Programming Aficionados

If you happen to a programmer or a fan of particular programming language, then you will always want things that are ready accessible and “on the go”. Usually a programmer cannot have a workstation to operate upon all the time, and as we move into an age where portable devices are the need of the hour; then in such cases an Android device is enough to fulfill the intended purpose of the user. There are a plethora of apps ranging from different categories to different purposes, but having certain apps for programming enthusiasts can help advantageously in finishing tasks in a faster manner. Let’s have a look at some of the best apps available for Programmers.programmers
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Top 3 Scariest Games for Android

With the advent in the number of apps available for several categories, games continue to be the prominent ones that are sought after endlessly. According to the genres and the sub divisions available in the heterogeneous categories of games, it is indeed an enjoyable aspect to try these games as we move forward in time. There are games that can be used for killing time, whereas others can be for fun or scary ones. The scary games possess the necessary thrilling experience along-with some terrifying music and graphics to keep individuals glued on the phone. It is an enjoyable aspect to play these horror games and enjoy a unique different feeling as compared to the normal games. Here below is a list of top 3 scariest games for Android mobile devices.
scary games
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How To Get iOS 7 Beta Control Center On Android

Slowly and steadily as we advance forward to the wide array of features that are presented with Apple’s beta versions, Android developers and users will feel the need to try them out on their own particularized device.

As iOS tries to incorporate newer features or update their platform based on features that were previously pioneered by the Android platform, an Android developer will always want to try some of the newfangled features. Especially trying out Apple’s iOS 7 beta Control Center feature can be an interesting option and Hi Tools Studio has contributed towards this development by recreating this Control Center for Android users. Control Center on Android
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New Vine Update for iOS Gets a New Camera, Revining, and channels [Coming soon to Android]

During the time that we saw Facebook give Instagram a new video feature, it was understandably claimed that Vine was supposedly going to move in amidst the shadow of this development. Traditionally even Vine offers to take short videos and post them to a Twitter and Instagram on the news feed type facilitation. Thus it is notably regarded as Twitter’s own short video social network. Hereupon as we view Instagram’s addition of video along-with its branding as a hugely popular photo service, such a development possesses a chance to potentially kill Vine off for good.

However, this was just a suppositioned aspect that was visually looked as an accidental factor. To ensure that such a thing never surfaces up, Vine has released out a new update to the service’s app. The newly updated app provides newer functionalities along-with improving the existing functionality.
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SuperBeam App: Quickly Transfer Files using Wi-Fi Direct via NFC

Android Beam is a feature using which transfer of content is possible between NFC equipped Android devices by simply tapping on the devices. The individuals can transfer or share YouTube videos, Google Maps locations, sharing of images and videos and more. However, there is a downside to this available functionality. This uses Bluetooth and not the Wi-Fi Direct to transfer these files which consumes more time and is relatively slower. Hence, let’s check out a new functionality called SuperBeam which produces the necessary goods in the best available manner. The users can employ such an App and share any kind of files over Wi-Fi Direct via the NFC.
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