[How To] Install and Run Bad Piggies on ARM v6 devices

Rovio is one company which never fails to deliver with good games. They got their first break with Angry Birds which made them an instant hit. Considered as a one hit wonder, Rovio proved it’s critics wrong by the launch of many more games in the Angry Birds sub brand. Though Amazing Alex was a bit of a hiccup. Rovio continued to deliver good games with the launch of Bad Piggies.

bad piggies

Bad Piggies can be called as a spin-off of the Angry Birds Series where the pigs which were the enemies in Angry Birds become our allies. You take control of the pigs to build different vehicles to reach the goal. It is a good puzzle solving game with an element of fun to it. The game however requires some realtime interaction from the user to complete levels, hence the game’s requirements are higher and it doesn’t run on ARM v6 devices.

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Download and Install Temple Run on ARM v6 powered Android devices

Temple Run is a highly addictive game which was first launched for iOS and later for Android. Temple Run works smoothly on highend devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc etc.

However Temple Run is incompatible with many low end devices. Some devices like Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Y, HTC Wildfire S are a rage among the masses.But due to the ARM v6 processor, Temple Run is incompatible.But now Temple Run is available even for ARMv6 processors (low-end devices). However it comes along with a bug. After running few meters you will die automatically. This is because the ARMv6 processor is not fully compatible for this game. But as the game has been updated frequently the auto-die bug has been drastically reduced.The game has been optimized for smooth gameplay.

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