Activate Auto-update on WhatsApp+ Plus

Whatsapp is a popularly acclaimed online messaging app. With it’s growing popularity, but the lack of customization there was a huge demand for an app that could provide the services of Whatsapp with more customizability. This was the inspiration behind the development of Whatsapp+. Whatsapp+ can be downloaded and installed from this article. It features amazing features that the official Whatsapp app doesn’t. The amount of customization in Whatsapp+ is mind boggling. Everything from the contact picture size to font color can be modified in Whatsapp+.

If you are too bored to dwell on the entire feature list you can also simply apply themes for Whatsapp+. However, as Whatsapp+ isn’t an official app it is not available on Google Play. Thus, you cannot receive push notifications of it’s updates. You have to manually update the app. However now Whatsapp+ features an option to auto update the app. From version 2.60 onwards you can set the app to check for updates automatically in a few easy steps.

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