Super Backup: A fundamental App for Backing-up important Data on Android

There are many Android users who like to test new ROMs on their device and change their ROMs very frequently. While flashing a new ROM, a factory reset has to be performed which will erase all the apps and accounts from the Android device. Thus it becomes absolutely essential that the data is properly backed up. Super Backup is an excellent app which is helpful for the same purpose.


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Make a Nandroid Backup and Send it to the Cloud using Orange Backup


Rooting and flashing of Custom ROMs is a very common procedure that is used by the Android users. While rooting will not result in any loss of data, flashing a custom ROM will erase all the data on the Android device because a factory reset has to be performed. So it is essential that a backup of all the apps and the data is made prior to installing a custom ROM. Now there are two ways of creating a backup. One is using the Titanium Backup to make a backup of all apps and data and other is a Nandroid Backup.

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[How to] Backup and Restore Apps using Titanium Backup

When a person buys an Android device, one of the first things on mind is rooting the Android. And later comes flashing of custom ROMs, custom kernels etc. The user may not loose all the apps and data while rooting an Android, but it is lost during flashing of a new custom ROM since a factory reset needs to be performed. So it becomes a necessity that all the apps and the system data have a proper backup.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one such app that will backup your apps and data with just a single touch. It is one of the very few apps to have a 5-star rating on the Google Play Store. While backing up the apps is done with relative ease, restoring the apps becomes a bit tedious if you are not using Titanium Backup Pro i.e the paid version. Free version is also very useful but the only disadvantage is that the apps will be installed one at a time. The user will be prompted every time a new app is installed. But in the Pro version all the apps will be installed with just a single tap.

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