How to take iPhone SMS Backup and Export to Ms Excel, PDF and HTML

Some messages can be of significant importance. Hence these have to be stored on your device or somewhere else for future use. In such cases having a backup of your iphone SMS messages is an advantageous functionality. This is notably helpful in instances of updation of the iOS firmware, or during repairs or some other situations or during factory reset. Therefore these specified items need to be stored safely due to potential circumstances that can surface up over the course of time. Hence the article assists your progress in keeping an iPhone SMS or text messages backup. Additionally this particularized data is exported it to MS Excel, as a PDF file or as a HTML file.
iPhone 5
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Carbon Backup Beta: The Complete Backup solution for your Android Phone

Data Backup has always been a major concern for any device. Be it a computer, a smartphone or a tab every device needs to backup up data in order to recover from failures. Luckily for android users there are several options available for backing up data and apps. Many methods exist such as Nandroid backup, titanium backup, ADB backup, etc. Here comes another backup app called as Carbon beta, from a developer who has been around in the Android community for quite a while,+Koushik. He needs no introduction for his amazing app called ROM manager.
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How to Backup SMS Text Messages to Gmail using Android devices

In the days gone by we have had a glimpse of How to Backup WhatsApp messages. However, there are users who communicate through the text messaging approaches as well. They might ponder whether they can take a Backup of these text messages. There might be plenty of reasons for thinking on these lines. It might either be the individuals changing their handset or wanting to free some space off their internal memory. While the reasons may continue to surface up, the approach used for taking a Backup for these messages is interpreted in a simple yet effective procedure in the particular article.

SMS Backup

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Nandroid backup: How to Backup and Restore Android phones while installing custom ROMs

While flashing a custom ROM, the risk of an improper install always looms which can cause the phone to go into bootloops. There are several other things that can go wrong while flashing a custom ROM; like flashing an incompatible kernel, corrupt zip package of ROM, etc. It is important to make a backup of your current ROM before flashing a new one.

It is advisable to make a backup using recovery. A Backup make in recovery is often referred to by developers as a Nandroid backup. A Nandroid backup can Restore the phone to its working condition including all the Apps, SMSes, Call logs and other Personal Data. Continue reading

How to Backup/Sync and Restore contacts on a Android smartphone

Managing your contacts is a very tedious task; particularly when you have a long list in your phonebook. Nowadays, everyone has multiple Email ID’s and under each account there are several contacts. It becomes almost irritating to keep all these contacts managed. Another problem faced by users is about Backup of contacts. Often when you’re a changing a ROM or updating your Software it is necessary to backup your contacts. I’ve listed two easy Methods to Backup/Sync your contacts on your Android smartphone, so that they can be easily Restored when required:

Method 1: Using Google Contacts

This is method is suggested by Google for users to manage their contacts. While saving any contact you get an option to Save it on phone memory or Sync it to your Google account. By selecting Google Account, all your contacts are stored onto the cloud server(in your Gmail Contacts List) and even if you buy a new phone, you simply have to login to that same Google Account from the new device to Sync your contacts in the new phone. It’s a pretty easy way to Backup and Restore your Contacts!

However, sometimes the phone fails to Sync the Contacts from the Google servers. If you face such a problem simply make sure Auto-Sync is ticked in Settings >> Accounts & Sync.

Sync Android Contacts with Google Account

If you do not want to switch ON the Auto Sync to save battery but still Backup/Sync your Contacts, simply go to Settings >> Accounts & Sync >> Select your Google Account and Click on Sync Contacts.

Method 2: Using a Backup App

The first method is the most convenient method but there can be situations when that method isn’t very suitable. Like when you’re on Roaming network (where data charges are very expensive) or when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Another method to Backup your Contacts is using the App called “Super Backup: SMS & Contacts“. This is a simple App which creates a Backup of your Contacts on the SDcard.

Backup and Restore Android Contacts using Super Backup App

It is very simple to Restore the contacts; All you have to do is press Restore Contacts and then Select the latest Backup file.

These were two easy way to Backup/Synchronise your contacts on your Android smartphone. We would like to know How you Backup your Contacts on your Android device.