Get Amazing 24 bit Audio Quality on your Android Smartphone

Audiophiles often complain that Android devices not being able to deliver the quality of sound that an iPod can. People refuse to replace their iPods with their Android smartphones. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a profession sound quality on your android smartphone itself. Thus making the use of carrying a separate music player redundant! Here is a MOD made by XDA Senior Member BSDgeek_Jake called HDSoundEngine2.


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Improve Sound Quality of your Android Device with ACID Audio Engine

Superior sound quality is something that everyone looks out for in a smartphone. How convenient would it be if your smartphone delivers an unadulterated sound quality like a commercial music player. Most Smartphones lack this edge. However, the main advantage of having an Android smart phone is MODs! The amounts of MODs available are insane. And most certainly there is an MOD to improve sound quality too called as ACID Audio Engine. Similar to Beats Engine, ACID improves the sound quality of the device with some extra features. Credits go to Recognized Contributor at XDA, Knight47.

ACID Audio Engine

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[How To] Install Beats Audio and Xloud on your Android

Android OS is a groundbreaking Operating System that offers many features that iOS and Blackberry can only dream of. However everything in this world has some limitations and it includes the android OS. The music quality in android pales in comparison to that of an iOS. It is neither very loud nor very clear.

But a few months ago HTC launched two cell phones- HTC Senation XE and XL with beats audio technology. The beats Audio enhancement improves the audio quality and gives out better bass and treble.But it was available in only these two androids.The good news for rooted phones is that they can install the Beats Audio enhancement on their Android phones.This enhancement will not show a pop up of Beats Audio when you connect the headphones but it does improve the audio significantly.Once again, this will not make your headphones blow out but it will make the audio crisp and will give out thicker bass.

beats by Dr. dre

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