Official: Vodafone set to roll out OS

After months of speculation and innumerable rumors, it has finally been brought to notice that Vodafone UK has rolled out an updated version of the OS than everyone who had done so. Based on reports, it is believed that this unveiling was worth the wait as users on Vodafone UK and various other UK carriers will have the advantage of having OS on their devices. This occurrence of the visible version is seen as a resulting display for the software version update Continue reading

BlackBerry Acquires 26.9 % of the Market Share in Mexico

Slowly and steadily as Blackberry manages to take strides to improve its position in the already competitive smartphone market, here are some positive lowdowns that enlighten the state of affairs in the current market scenario.

Although at present the roadway to success appears dark for the Canadian company, there are still some positive tidings that can contribute towards proving the saving grace of the company. It can be seen that some markets continue their resurgence despite the fact that Blackberry is losing out a huge market share in competition to other rival competitors.blackberry-logo Continue reading

Nokia rises up to fourth position in the US smartphone market

As we proceed forward to an age wherein the tussle between platforms for mobile devices accrues up to a competing stage, we are presented with several other platforms that remain existent in this competitive market. Although iOS and Android platforms remain dominant forces in this fiercely competing domain, Windows Phone has managed to emerge through as the balancing factor as the competition for platforms for mobile devices grows through.

After reaching a stumbling block with respect to progress against other rival competitors, Nokia has managed to advance its way through to reach up at the fourth place in the US Smartphone Continue reading

BlackBerry Messenger Reportedly taking the Cross-Platform plunge on June 27 [Updated]

Just previously we had seen the developments regarding the announcement of BBM to be facilitated onto other platforms like iOS and Android. Along these lines, we have been broadcasted to thse lowdowns that the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service will be arriving onto iOS and Android this summer. This has been implemented to expand the existing network of 60 million monthly active users by supplementing a broader cross-platform messaging solution.

SlashGear has directed our attention to a Tweet from T-Mobile UK which claims that BBM will be launching soon on the iOS and Android platforms on June 27.

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How to Apply Themes to any Blackberry device

Customization on your own device is a usual concept employed by the individuals. This can range from changing wallpapers to altering settings, changing themes or altering other features. In this fashion as we advance forward in time in conjunction with the developing technology, the range of devices produced by the manufacturing giants continue to amaze everyone with the extensive list of features that are dished out for the individuals.

As Blackberry tries to retain its position in the lives of business professionals, the incremental growth associated with the device just keeps improving with every passing instance. However, the customization aspect is very limited or scarce in comparison to the iOS or the Android platforms. Hence, every chance needs to be grabbed when customization can be employed on the device. Therefore, applying newer and better themes on your handset can serve as a beneficial approach towards achieving the customization on the particular device. Presented below we explain a sequential procedure on how you can install themes on your handheld Blackberry device.Blackberry
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How to Transfer your contacts from Blackberry To iPhone

During the time that a user works with the current handset, there is no problem associated with respect to transferring contacts or anything. However, when the individual switches from one phone to another, transferring contacts is a tedious task. This is during the instances when a person purchases a new device and thus raising this problem of passing the contacts possession to other device. Many a times, it may so happen that a user switches from blackberry to iPhone. In such cases, the process below will depict a perfect solution to the governing problem. As iPhone surfaces up ascending growth over the Blackberry, it is a notable process to keep a note of such scenarios that may exist along the course of time. Blackberry to iPhone
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How to Use Multiple Apps at once on your Blackberry

During the time that BlackBerry gains popularity & sets its stance as a significant competitor in the market, the faithful BlackBerry users will continue to rise with every new revelation. It is a frequent sight to see BlackBerry being used by variety of individuals. We occasionally have a glimpse of BlackBerry handset vividly taken noticed in various places. This can range right from the individuals in the bus, train, the street to the working professionals in cafe, offices etc.

As well all know, there are plenty of features that are resident with the BlackBerry device. A plethora of applications are also existent. At a particular instance of time, it may so happen that the user will want to multi-task during a specific activity. An example of the same can be that a person will want to listen to music at the time of opening a certain email.multiple apps on BlackBerry at once Continue reading

How to Remove an App from your Blackberry phone

Every particular device has specific amount of storage dedicated towards installation of applications on the particular device. Thus, certain amount of apps can be installed on the device. if at any instance of time when the allocated memory gets full and there is no more space for the storage of various apps, the user will need to remove certain apps to dedicate more space on the device for the installation of other applications. If these circumstances get associated with a new Blackberry user, the individual is bound to get irritated if he/she does not how the apps can be removed on the handset. There may be other reasons also which could be the cause for the deletion of apps. These may depend from one individual to other.

Removal of apps on a BlackBerry is an effortless procedure which is as easy when compared to the installation of these apps on the particular device. It is as simple as a child’s play. One of the common reason to remove apps from the phone maybe that the particular application consumes large amount of size on the BlackBerry making the device slower, thus the removal very eminent in such cases. The other case would be that the user no longer requires the specific app & hence wants to get rid of the app.apps on BlackBerry Continue reading

How to instantly push Links from any desktop browser to any Smartphone

Slowly and steadily as technology evolves by leaps and bounds, the ease of use which is facilitated for the users keeps on improving with every passing instance. Thus, as we advance forward to better disclosures with respect to time the functionality provided by each revelation just keeps bettering the previous ones that are released.
As Smartphones act as mini computers, the aspect of convenience associated in regard for these devices just keeps improving over the course of time. Thus, having an operational service which aids in transferring links, text, images directly on the specific Smartphone is of major significance as it helps in saving time, energy. The best part of the operation is it works on almost all Smartphones, tablets.
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How to disable Geotagging on the user’s Smartphone’s Camera

The exhibition of geographic identification on various media is Geotagging. This on the handheld device is made possible due to the availability of Internet connectivity that is resident on the Smartphones. It is instrumental to mark a location with respect to a photo, video or other media. Thus, with the advent of the Smartphones, this has become an easy task which can also prove as hindrance if the privacy factor is taken into account. This aspect results in killing the privacy if the geotagging is functional on the respective device.

The concerning aspect is not about the resultant location being tagged; however it serves as a cruel get away for others to access this information by viewing the particular image. From time to time this can be an annoying factor and as well as prove dangerous considering the privacy issues. This can act terribly in some cases as it ends up providing information to the other people by just accessing such posts. If posted online, even the other people can access the same or email them to other people without considering the potential harrowing scenarios that may result out of them.Geotagging
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