How to block certain WhatsApp contacts on Android

The term Whatsapp is a known entity to the current generation who acquaint themselves with smartphones. This has been a commonplace to carry out the conversations in a faster, easier and efficient manner. It appears as the soon to become the communication medium replacing the common ways like communication over a phone calls or texts. The popularity is visibly seen among Smartphone users & it has steadily gained importance in many individual’s life for day-to-day communication and other purposes. The ascension of it’s operation has been due to its features enabling sharing videos, pictures, or even voice.

Although this is a fantastic medium of communication and work a great deal in helping with its useful features, there are certain situations or times when some people just torture or irritate to a large extent. Sometimes it’s bearable staying pissed off, other times one wonders whether blocking them is a perfect scenario. Block contacts on WhatsApp

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