AdAway Android App: Download APK & Install it to Remove Ads from your Rooted device


Android being an Open Source Operating System, provides users with a large variety of apps that they can get free of cost. The Google Play store has over a Million apps that can be downloaded for free or bought. With such a large vast diversity of apps available it is often difficult for the developers to develop free apps and still be in the competition. Most of these developers use ads in their apps to gain some money. Most of the developers use ads which aren’t annoying and are displayed at the edge of the screen. However a few create very annoying advertisement banners that are often annoying and limit the functionality of the app or even more spread malicious spyware.

However, Android provides us with options to prevent and protect our Smartphones with such types of apps that can cause potential harm or display annoying ads on your device. One of the easiest way to do so is via the app called AdAway. AdAway is an app that can block advertisements from not only Android apps but also from your browser on your smartphone. AdAway updates your host files in your system partition thus blocking the well known ad providers. The List is updated on a regular basis and dispatched OTA via the app.

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