[MOD] Get the Moto X Boot Animation on your Android Device

Every Android user fancies the Boot Animation of his device. The Boot Animation is the animation that is displayed when your device boots up (i.e. starts up). A lot of Boot Animations are available for the user to be applied to his device. Now due to the valuable efforts of XDA member zooyork0721, the Moto X Boot Animation can also be applied to your device.

Here’s how the Boot Animation of the Moto X looks like :

Moto X Boot Animation

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How to Change the Boot Animation of your Android device

One of the perks of having an Android phone is extreme¬†customization. Changing the Boot animation of your phone is just another small way to make the phone more personal. I have described an easy and fool-proof to change the boot animation of your device. Android’s boot animation is stores in a file called bootanimation.zip. Our goal is to replace this file with the desired one to change the boot animation.

Boot Animations

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