Get 1000 Lives and Unlock All Levels in Candy Crush Saga (Download Modified APK file)

candy crush saga

Candy Crush is a game by It is a Puzzle solving game that will keep you busy with it’s captivating gameplay. The game is fun and easy to play however difficult to master. Having over 200 levels, the limit of lives can make the game quite difficult. Anyone who has played the Candy Crush Saga game will know just how annoying it is when your stuck on a level and you run out of lives, especially when you are playing in the work toilet and your stuck on a level.

To make the game a little easier and to keep you interested, XDA Senior member dully79 has modified the APK file of the game so that you can get 1000 lives and/or unlock all Levels so as to enrich your game playing experience. Since the APK file is already modified it is not a complex procedure to implement the MOD. Here is the procedure to install the modified APK file:
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