How to Change the Email Sync Interval on WP8 device

Traditionally, everyone wishes to read their Emails as soon as they arrive. But, some people wish to check their Emails at regular intervals; for such people continuous syncing of Emails isn’t essential. The sync interval functionality in WP8 allows you to have a custom time interval when your Smartphone will fetch emails from the configured server. This helps you avert the case where you may miss the particularized mail which urgently required your response. Hence, having a syncing option suitable to our needs and producing the consistent results is a beneficial aspect indeed.

Note that continuous syncing of Emails result in faster battery draining on smartphones. Therefore to tackle this problem, you can specifically set up the work email only to sync at regular intervals while customizing the others accordingly to your needs. Thus you need to change the sync interval for each individual inbox. Furthermore, changing the settings associated with one specific inbox doesn’t result in changing the entire list of settings for the others.wp8
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