Tether Internet and use Windows Phone 8 as a WiFi Hotspot

In the age where technology is transcending horizons and leading to several new disclosures, the functionalities provided by a Smartphone continue to aggrandize as we progress ahead in time. Along these lines, the Smartphone has developed into an integral part in our current lifestyle and the innumerable set of functions that are dished out by it are beneficial in some or the other way. Sometimes in certain instances, the Internet connectivity on the phone becomes an issue and then usually we have Wi-Fi network connectivity to the rescue us in such circumstances. However, if in the current situation the area doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network and you want to use some other device for connecting it to the Internet. Along these lines, the basic solution to this particular problem can be solved by using the particular handset to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your other device to the internet. This is a very simple procedure and it can be performed using the following steps.WP8
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