Control your iPhone or iPad Using Head Movements [iOS 7 beta feature]

Previously, we have seen Apple releasing a plethora of features and other functionalities over the last few generations of iOS. Appleā€™s iOS 7 concentrates on this aspect by devising out specific device control methods for the users who wish to interact with their devices utilizing the head-based gestures.iOS 7

With the advent in the developers and other enthusiasts working overtime and carefully examining and inspecting the software, iOS 7 beta promises to release out in-development sections of the firmware which were not announced previously as part of the WWDC introduction. The main aspects were covered initially but such developmental sections which surface up in beta releases will never make it to the final system. Along these lines, a new-fangled option has been found which helps to switch control methods that assist the progress in using the left and right head movements to make menu selections.
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