Samsung caught manipulating coverage by cheating in Galaxy S4 benchmarks; Ways to inflate their success?? [Updated]

According to fresh reports, it has been indicated that Samsung has cheated with respect to Galaxy S4 benchmarks. Based on illustrations it is construed that Samsung has focussed on using performance-enhancing code for increasing Galaxy S4′s test scores. The inferential understanding is that Samsung has specifically programmed the handset to beef up its clock speed during certain benchmarks.

At first, such claims had appeared in the forums of popular 3D graphics site Beyond3D and these descriptions have been growing larger as we move forward in time. After having confirmation from hardware specialists at AnandTech, it is clearly displayable that the Galaxy S4 utilizes full speed GPU during testing, and then reverts back to slower speeds during everyday use.

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CPU Frequency scaling Kernel Governors and their Types for Android Smartphones

Overclocking is one of the major reason why anyone roots their android device. Overclocking basically means that you can run the CPU of your device at a higher clocking speed than that specified by the manufacturer. It basically means that the potential speed of the CPU increases. Mind the word potential because in Android the kernel doesn’t run the CPU at constant clocking speeds. That means it has a dynamic clocking speed. Suppose if you have a 1GHz processor, your device will not constantly run at 1GHz, that would be foolish because the battery drain will be tremendous. The dynamic scaling is controlled by governors. Governors are a set of rules that specify how the clocking speed should be set according to the need.

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