Utilize the Actapaper Cydia Tweak & Save Links to Instapaper

Actapaper is a jailbreak utility wherein a user is allowed to send links with the help of an Activator action. A tweak aimed for improving productivity, Instapaper is beneficial for saving and copy links to Instapaper.

Just after you launch the particular app, you can view a pop up dialogue that confirms Instapaper’s resource for auto detection of the clipboard for links. And using Actapaper, this operation isn’t need to be done frequently. You will simply need to copy the links which you want to save and once you complete the activator option, then this task gets done!
Navigating to the settings app, you are allowed to save the particular account credentials for allowing the tweak to login into your account and saving there. The user also has the option to choose the preferred activation method.Actapapertweak Continue reading

Customize the iOS Calendar App using the NCCalendar+ Cydia Tweak

Previously users have observed several discrepancies in relation to the stock iOS Calendar app. There have been instances where users have complained regarding this stock app not allowing customization for events listed along time frame in the Notification Center. Overall there was a listing of maximum 10 items which represented a limited time frame of certain events. NCCalendar+ provides complete provisioning of calendars and calendar events which can be displayable in Notification Center (NC).NCCalendar+ Continue reading

LockFlavors Cydia Tweak: Apply Customizable Themes & Customize Lock Screen Slider using this Cydia Hack

Traditionally employing a series of customizations is a usual aspect. Using several jailbroken tweaks, tips and tricks is a commonplace when it comes to jailbroken devices and Cydia hacks are the frequently used entities. Along these lines, we can turn our attention to a new tweak called LockFlavors which assists the progress in customizing the lock screen on your jailbroken handset.

LockFlavors, the Cydia hack arrives as an excellent tweak for facilitating the customization aspect on your device. Users can utilize this tweak for applying themes as well as changing the colors with respect to the lock screen. A user is also entitled to change the text that is present in the unlock slider and as well as can alter the font size of date and time. Additionally there is a facility available for creating one’s own theme by playing around with colors.lockflavors-Cydia

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Googiri: Amalgamate the voice recognition power of Siri and Google[Cydia Tweak]

Siri, the Apple’s voice assistant has faced significant competition from the likes of other functionalities. After its release, various competitors have marked their presence in response to Siri. Just after Google Now surfaced up to be made available for iOS, there is questionable development as to which resource to prefer amidst these circumstances. There are various users who have an inclination for Siri, whereas several others are adapting to the search recognition offered by Google Now. However, what if the user wants to use both in parallel or use them in conjunction?Googiri
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CloudLover: Cydia Hack that allows Quick Accessing of iCloud Tabs in Safari

Usual users of iCloud will have an idea that iOS 6’s native web browser possesses the option to visit iCloud inside the bookmarks. However, many users would have wished for the presence of a separate tab for the particularized purpose. This is due to the fact that the native option isn’t a convenient solution with the referencing situation.

CloudLover is a beneficial functionality that aims to solve the problem. This is done by the virtue of allowing several users to utilizing the existent buttons on the browser and adding gestures to them for simple access to the synced tabs.CloudLover
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RingerX Hack: A Cydia Hack that lets you set Custom Alerts for Contacts and Specific Apps

As Smartphones constitute to be integral components of one’s life, the ever-increasing functionalities produced by these devices accrue with the resultant facilitation of apps and other utilities. These beneficial aspects serve hugely advantageous along the course of time. Thus, during the time that various applications are resident on the device; a set of notifications are always presented out to the user when these applications are in the active or running state.

It is a common notion for the notifications to reside on the device. They are somewhat like the trademark association when we relate to iOS. Slowly and steadily as developments aggrandize ahead in time, the aspect of customization, tweaks, and tricks that can be performed on the handset can end up improving with every passing innovative procedure. These enriching functionalities are responsible for improving the experience in a much better way. Usually default notifications serve as good resources; however jailbreak developers dish out a new functionality which surpasses the stereotyped experiences. This exhibition is presented from the fact that a Cydia tweak named as the RingexX VIP produces the necessary change with respect to the respective task.

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Utilize FullForce Hack and Stretch the old iOS Apps to Fit properly on iPhone 5 Screen

Jailbreaking your iPhone offers a variety of benefits. This can range from simple tweaks of changing fonts to efficient customization using themes, smart tricks to facilitate the desired aspect on the respective device. Jailbroken device provides immense functionalities along its course which helps in enriching the overall perspective of the particular handset. With the recent speculations about jailbreaking devices having finally surpassed, the ease of use dished out by the Evasi0n team has inducted superior benediction associated with the iOS users. During the time that an individual employs a jailbroken facility, the utilization of Cydia explores a wide heterogeneous aspect of the tweaks provided which provides optimum benefit to the users in such regard.

We have already talked about how an iPhone can benefit from Jailbreaking. This exemplified the in-depth approach the how an iPhone can benefit employing Jailbreak on the iOS device. However, in such instances it may so happen that some apps may not fit on the iPhone 5. But, a newly developed tweak by Ryan Petrich has facilitated the solution for the ongoing problem. The manifestation of such a tweak is responsible for facilitating the legacy apps to be displayable in full screen mode on devices as taller as iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation.
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