How to Export All Multimedia Attachments in Message Threads [Cydia Hack]

Usually the stock Messaging app is an advantageous functionality for the iOS users; however there are a several reasons to oppose the same as well. It is a tedious task searching for media files in the various message threads, especially for individuals that have a plethora of messages existent in the inbox.

It is an eye opening possibility as to why the particularized search feature cannot be used for this specific purpose. It is because the search feature doesn’t work along with all the threads. Nevertheless a fantastic solution is available to the existent governing problem that assists the progress in simplifying the particular aspect. MediaExport is the released jailbreak tweak which assists the progress in completing the dedicated motive. This is done by simply presenting the respective images and videos that are saved in the messages; and allowing them to be saved with the option of sharing them later.MediaExport
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How to Replace “Slide to Unlock” Text with your own Customized Text

It is known fact that Android is the major hub with respect to customizations or tweaking & tinkering on your handset. However, in comparison to Android platform, iOS devices don’t offer advantageous customization benefits to the user unless they are jailbroken. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, it will serve fruitful for residing tweaks and tricks which facilitate a significant improvement with respect to the customizable aspect.

Usually it a traditional thing to notice the boring Text called “Slide to Unlock” every time you use your iOS device. This is obviously a trademark in reference to Apple’s devices and it is a conventional measure to view such a facility on the respective iOS devices. It is an eye opening discovery that you can easily change this particular text to your custom made one or simply end up replacing it with your own specific Text. This is by the manifestation of the iFile Cydia Tweak. Its facilitation helps in completing the dedicated motive.
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Use iTransmission 3 App as the Torrent Download Manager for iOS 6

It is a traditional activity to download torrents at regular intervals during the course of time. Usually, there are a plethora of tweaks, tips and tricks available to download Torrent on iOS. Each specific tweak rolls out functions & provisions the unique facility for the particular intended task. Amongst the available ones, the recent arrival of a newer version turns our tide in the favor of iTransmission. This particular tweak facilitates support for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak devices and is packed along with some more updates.
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