Optimize & Maximize your iPhone Battery Life using BatteryDoctorPro Cydia Tweak

Conventionally we have seen a plethora of apps that provide insights with respect to the battery of iPhone, however each app dishes out its unique utilities when resided onto the particular device. Along these lines, currently we are introduced to BatteryDoctorPro. This app from the Cydia Store has tremendous potential to rise above the other apps by providing significant benefits to the user in different ways. This app has been developed in regard to jailbroken iPhones.

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How to Replace “Slide to Unlock” Text with your own Customized Text

It is known fact that Android is the major hub with respect to customizations or tweaking & tinkering on your handset. However, in comparison to Android platform, iOS devices don’t offer advantageous customization benefits to the user unless they are jailbroken. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, it will serve fruitful for residing tweaks and tricks which facilitate a significant improvement with respect to the customizable aspect.

Usually it a traditional thing to notice the boring Text called “Slide to Unlock” every time you use your iOS device. This is obviously a trademark in reference to Apple’s devices and it is a conventional measure to view such a facility on the respective iOS devices. It is an eye opening discovery that you can easily change this particular text to your custom made one or simply end up replacing it with your own specific Text. This is by the manifestation of the iFile Cydia Tweak. Its facilitation helps in completing the dedicated motive.
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How to get HTC One Clock and Weather Widget on iPhone

Traditionally, it’s a common discussion to involve differences between Android and iOS and later present out the advantages and disadvantages associated with the respective platforms. Every individual has his/her own opinion which is catered across the debate to willingly put away the point with a positive resultant impact. In such cases, it is imperative to understand that each platform will have its fair pros and cons which will be supplemented by the respective users. However, usually widgets are the fascinating set of things the iOS users lose on their respective handsets and there was no provision previously to exactly replicate another Android device’s widget onto their specific handset. But, slowly and steadily as technological advancements paved ways to improve the quality of life and ease user’s functionalities; thereupon came into existence the marvelous perspective of Jailbreak.

With the aspect of jailbreaking, the iOS users can take benefit of such a tweak to facilitate the necessary operation of installing HTC One X’s weather and clock widget on their respective device. Coming up through the years, Cydia constitutes for a plethora of Sense UI inspired themes which are resident in the repositories for the jailbroken devices. Along these lines, the HTC One X version has also been made available for the jailbroken iPhones.

HTC One Widget
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Use MapsOpener to Set Google Maps as the Default Maps App on iOS

As Apple Maps bamboozled plenty with its unparalleled geographies, there was a need for the re-introduction of the Google Maps in the App store. Following the position of time that Apple Maps signified its need for improvements in various areas, it had become a necessity to use better, efficient and accurate maps that could help in achieving the intended target or destination when put into service.

Hence, succeeding the Apple Maps was eventually the Google Maps which was a big relief to groups of iOS users. This was welcomed & was anticipated considering the plentiful downloads of the free app on the App Store.Google maps
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