Utilize SubIc0ns & create App Shortcuts On LockScreen and Springboard’s Sidebar [Cydia Tweak]

Usually Cydia tweaks are remarked as advantageous functionalities due to the plethora of tweaks available for the completion of various tasks and other operations. Thus there several tweaks which possibly serve as beneficial resources for the jailbroken iOS users. The plethora of features provided by the respective tweaks aggrandizes to prove more beneficial than the apps released on App Store.SubIc0ns
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Utilize FullScroll Tweak & View any iOS App in Full Screen [Cydia Tweak]

Initially after the taller screen of the sixth-generation iPhone came into existence, the primary thing was to optimize the specific work of App Store and Cydia developers to suit the taller screen. Along these lines, several tweaks and tricks were developed that and assisted the users in the progress of viewing the entire display on screen. Also, there were various ones which offered the full screen mode.
There were several tweaks that provided the resultant functionalities with respect to this domain, however a new jailbreak app called as the FullScroll has bestowed a propitious medium to functionalize the same aspect of having a full screen mode for any app. Additionally this app is also responsible for making the title and the tool bar disappear from the phone’s screen. This has been developed by the Cydia developer Ryan Petrich.

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How to Replace “Slide to Unlock” Text with your own Customized Text

It is known fact that Android is the major hub with respect to customizations or tweaking & tinkering on your handset. However, in comparison to Android platform, iOS devices don’t offer advantageous customization benefits to the user unless they are jailbroken. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, it will serve fruitful for residing tweaks and tricks which facilitate a significant improvement with respect to the customizable aspect.

Usually it a traditional thing to notice the boring Text called “Slide to Unlock” every time you use your iOS device. This is obviously a trademark in reference to Apple’s devices and it is a conventional measure to view such a facility on the respective iOS devices. It is an eye opening discovery that you can easily change this particular text to your custom made one or simply end up replacing it with your own specific Text. This is by the manifestation of the iFile Cydia Tweak. Its facilitation helps in completing the dedicated motive.
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How to Add More Sources to Cydia App Store

Cydia performs as an advantageous substitute for the App Store on the respective jailbroken iOS devices. It is of primary importance in case of a jailbroken device. This gets automatically installed after you have jailbroken your particular iOS device. Thus later you can find endless tweaks, themes, and tricks resident in such an app store. Also, there are different repositories available which assist the progress in downloading the Cydia tweaks. Along these lines, the article presents a procedure to add more sources to Cydia app store.
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Get Android JellyBean Lock Screen on iPhone

Cydia Store is a useful functionality which provides all the necessary utilities for facilitating the customization aspect on your handset. The individual can make use of a plethora of apps, tweaks, themes to provide a customizable appearance onto the respective device. Thus, jail-broken users prefer this propitious utility to explore different methodologies on the devices. Along these lines, we have another such customizable tweak which dishes out the necessitated aspect of employing Android Jellybean Lock Screen on iPhone. This is an advantageous facilitation for the users who enjoy tinkering around with the themes on their devices. JellyLock is the useful tweak which presents its availability for providing Android Jelly Bean’s exterior interface on your iPhone.
JellyLock on iPhone
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How to facilitate Automatic App Updates on iPhone

As Smartphones advances to become an integral part and parcel of user’s lives, the functionalities associated with such innovations continues to amaze the users in their own unique way. Hence, it is a general aspect that these devices are populated with several apps and games. Therefore having multiple apps installed on the device are beneficial in their own ways; however over a period of time these apps will have to be updated with the relevant updates which come into existence as developments escalate ahead. Thus having an Automatic App Updater package can serve advantageous in a large way. Hence, described below is a Cydia tweak that helps the user in this regard.

Auto App Updater package is the resultant functionality which should be employed on the particular devices. But, the user has to ensure that the device is Jailbroken. The notability of the tweak involves the fact that this package on Cydia is more of the order of a fully-functioning app than simply being available as a small tweak. The trait of the app involves allowing the App Store updates to get automatically downloaded & installed on the specific device. Also, these actions get performed instantaneously & in an efficient manner.Auto App Updater Package
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Utilize Grabber Enhancer and Customize the Camera Button in iOS lock screen

Along the years, the displayable aspect with respect to the lock screen has been alike and identically similar since its introduction through the previous years. The basic camera button on the lock screen was presented on the side of the “Slide to Unlock” bar resident on the lock screen. There are several tweaks available for customizing the lockscreen. Also, these can range from adding a stopwatch to your lockscreen or customizing other aspects related to the lockscreen. Along these lines, Grabber Enhancer is a propitious functionality that helps the user in customizing the camera button on the iOS lockscreen. Thus, this Cydia tweak proves advantageous in this regard. grabber-enhancer- Continue reading

Use iTransmission 3 App as the Torrent Download Manager for iOS 6

It is a traditional activity to download torrents at regular intervals during the course of time. Usually, there are a plethora of tweaks, tips and tricks available to download Torrent on iOS. Each specific tweak rolls out functions & provisions the unique facility for the particular intended task. Amongst the available ones, the recent arrival of a newer version turns our tide in the favor of iTransmission. This particular tweak facilitates support for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak devices and is packed along with some more updates.
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Get an Earful to every word you Type, putting to use the Speaking Keyboard App for iPhone

It is a usual aspect as to exercising the keyboard of a handset. The individual can use it for various purposes or applications that suit its functionality. This is the benchmark for carrying out the communication over the different mediums. The general apprehension when an individual types a message or responds to a chat on a Smartphone, the user has the knack of the words that are typed and the length of the sentence one builds up.

However, in some instances it may so happen that a user types the respective message in a hurry or fails to frame write sentences during an important conversation or mail. The typing may include the hustle bustle activity in crunch situations & the urgency levels could cause a problematic situation over the current instance of time. Thus, having a keyboard that eventually proof reads & notifies the user of what he/she is typing is a beneficial aspect in a large way.
Speaking Keyboard
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What is Cydia? The Best Cydia Apps

Any iDevice is an excellent piece of technology! I mean Apple really knows what the iOS users want, but still there are some modifications you desire after paying a hefty sum for your iDevice. Customization is the only thing that Apple does not(very limited) provide.

What is Cydia?
Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store; It is installed when you jailbreak your iDevice. Cydia can help you customize your iDevice. Cydia is kind of an Appstore where you can get tweaks that will change the very look of your device. Jay Freeman a.k.a ‘Saurik’ developed Cydia. The word ‘Cydia’ means worm which infests iOS with its tweaks! Continue reading