How to Redownload the entire list of previously purchased Apps or Games on your Windows Phone 8

As apps and games present their arrival in the Store depending from time to time, the ease of use facilitated by these significant creations and disclosures engineer some fantastic proportionalities based on the intended targets. Slowly and steadily as apps are developed in almost all categories, the variety introduced by these innovations serve the user in a largesse way. These beneficial aspects dish out some optimum advantages during the time that these utilities are provided to the user.

However, a scenario may so arise that an individual just switches from one Windows Phone to another owing to different reasons and in such instances he/she will want to download all the apps or games that the user likes at regular intervals of time. Therefore, in such situations the user will want to find them in the Store and it may so happen that the particular individual doesn’t remember the specific names. Thus, this is a tedious task and accessing the repository of previously purchased apps and games can prove advantageous in such circumstances. Utilizing the referential purchase history from the   Windows account and installing the respective apps in plethora from there will serve profitable in every regard. Thus, described below is a process to facilitate the same.
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