Download Game On APK: Game Cheat Engine for Rooted Android phones

It can get frustrating to get stuck on a particular level while playing a certain game. Often it happens that you love the game, but are stuck at one particular level and even after your best efforts you cannot solve it. Many games offer some in-game credit system to bypass levels but then you have to shell out money from your own pocket to do so. Instead one can rely on a cheat or an exploit in order to complete levels, gain bonuses, etc. Finding such a cheat is often very tedious task and there is no guarantee that the particular cheat that you find will work. We have a solution to your problem with an app called Game On. Game On is a Cheat Engine which includes cheats for approximately 60 games.

You can also have a look at GameCIH APK file, which is also a Cheat Engine and works with most of the Android games.

Game On

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