Get the Pro Version of Titanium Backup Android App

When a backup of apps and data is concerned, Titanium Backup is usually preferred by an Android user. A backup is performed when an individual is buying a new phone or flashing an ROM. Titanium Backup is even used to restore the apps. It is available on the Google Play Store for free. Titanium Backup also has a Pro Version with more features.


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[How To] Get the PowerAmp Full Version on Android device

Android’s Google Play Store has large number of apps for its users. Each category like music, sports, puzzle have many apps with different features and functionality. If an individual is big fan of music, then he/she must have the best possible music player. Google Play Music, PowerAmp, Winamp are just some of the apps which can be used to listen music. Among these, PowerAmp is the best app.

Power Amp
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