5 Best Free BitTorrent Client Apps to Download Torrent Files on Android devices

Using Torrents is a commonplace! Bit-torrent is a familiar word and downloading using torrents is the run-of-the-mill activity. It has become more like the habitual natural phenomenon. When it is so prevalent in our lifestyle, the stroke of luck & the liability to use it on Android smartphones makes it an interesting prospect indeed. The evolution of smart phone into the transitory phase of a pocket computer has headway for several advancements and with the Torrent apps incorporation in the Android market; this progress is gaining popularity when concerned with respect to downloading torrent files.

The functionality exhibited by these applications run similar as they are portrayed by the desktop, laptop analogues. Files can resume downloading if there occurred an interruption in the internet connection previously; also we can maneuver downloading speed, uploading speed along with torrent queuing. The carbon copy feature which is available is that it is possible to search and look for torrents in various search engines that are provided. These include like ExtraTorrent, isoHunt, KickAsstorrents, and Pirate Bay, to name a few.
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