[How To] Enable Battery Percentage on Android 4.4 devices

Google launched the Android 4.4 KitKat OS earlier this month. The latest Android OS bought in many new features such as screen recording, integrated messaging, improved Google Now and many more. And another much needed feature that has been added is the ability to view the battery percentage in status bar. Although this feature has long been included in many Custom ROMs till now, Google has not yet included it in theirs.

Now however, Google has finally included this, although not directly as a straightforward option in the settings. The option has to be enabled either via ADB command or via an app. Luckily though, no root access is required to enable it. Unfortunately, Google seems to have messed up the color scheme as the percentage is displayed in white on the white background of the battery icon. As a result, the percentage is only visible when the battery has been drained halfway through.┬áIt’s anybody’s guess as to why Google hasn’t included a direct option but if you wish to enable it, you can follow the below steps.

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