Add Social Profile Shortcuts To Contacts App On iPhone

Jailbreaking an iOS has its fair share of benefits and utilities. The availability of employing customization on devices and altering and tinkering with specific areas of the device presents an advantageous outlook. Having the option of tweaking by performing operations & trying out certain tips and tricks, the users are benefited in a large way by improving the customization aspect on your iOS device.

Along these lines, a new tweak by the name of Gotha iPhone and iPod touch tweak comes in sight for featuring a new gesture based initiative in relation to Contacts and Phone app on the device. Gotha provides a gesture based user-experience along with the facilitation of different social outlets. This can be made available directly through the native Contacts app on the iPhone and iPod touch and several users are allowed to perform left and right swipes for invoking newer actions. Such actions assist in introducing different methods for interaction with the address book entities.Gotha for iPhone
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New Vine Update for iOS Gets a New Camera, Revining, and channels [Coming soon to Android]

During the time that we saw Facebook give Instagram a new video feature, it was understandably claimed that Vine was supposedly going to move in amidst the shadow of this development. Traditionally even Vine offers to take short videos and post them to a Twitter and Instagram on the news feed type facilitation. Thus it is notably regarded as Twitter’s own short video social network. Hereupon as we view Instagram’s addition of video along-with its branding as a hugely popular photo service, such a development possesses a chance to potentially kill Vine off for good.

However, this was just a suppositioned aspect that was visually looked as an accidental factor. To ensure that such a thing never surfaces up, Vine has released out a new update to the service’s app. The newly updated app provides newer functionalities along-with improving the existing functionality.
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Facebook v5.0 For Windows Phone 8 Major Upgrade: Features Timeline View, Bigger Photo Uploads And More

Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone has been officially released out and is made available for the WP users worldwide. This ascension sees a development that has been crawled out of beta and the major upgrade highlights a variety of different features. The overall appearance of the app has been designed to offer a look i.e., very much suited to the Windows Phone platform.
Facebook v5.0 for WP8
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Facebook Adds Twitter-like Hashtags to your News Feed

It is known fact that Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social networks in the world and both provide the distinguishing features and functionalities in their respective domains. Previously we have seen Facebook borrow certain features from the Twitters and now another eye-opener serves as a highlighting factor that has proportionated into a resourceful change. This development is in the form of the famous hashtagging experience of Twitter being brought to Facebook’s News Feed.FB-Hash-Tags
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Top 3 Alternatives for Whatsapp

Whatsapp has created a huge impact over the instant messaging world. It also holds the top spot, earlier owned by BBM, among all apps providing instant messaging service. With almost infallible service this app never fails to deliver. However, some users aren’t still completely satisfied with the service. Some complain about it’s “last seen” feature being a boon to stalkers. While others complain about it having a very basic look and feel.(If you want to customize Whatsapp you can check out Whatsapp+ ) A few feel it lacks the free SMS service.

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