How to Factory Reset or Wipe your Windows Phone 8?

Any device’s functionality can get hindered due to some errors creeping into the system thus causing instability and causing problems for the users. Traditionally, Windows Phone 8 Operating System is a stable OS but at some instances there can be situations where the bugs, errors and other problems can develop the phone into a problematic state or may result improper functioning of the device. The notable problems can be weird random reboots or lock-ups consistently. Usually, in such cases performing a factory reset is the best suitable solution for the person at that particular instance of time. A factory reset is performed and this results in getting the phone back to its previously existent state i.e. original state. Therefore, it is regarded as the final resort troubleshooting procedure.

This can be a useful solution in cases where the individual wants to sell the device and needs to remove/ delete the phone entirely before selling it to some other customer or other cases where there are problems caused on the device.windowsphone8
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[How To] Unlock Android device when you forget pattern

In this age of technology, everyone has a dozen accounts with different passwords. It happens to all of us on regular basis we sometimes tend to forget passwords. Everyone own a smartphone and we usually protect it by applying a lock screen password; in an android it is implemented by pattern lock. Pins and passwords are easy to remember but inconvenient to type every time you unlock your device. Pattern looks are much more easier to draw but on the other hand you can tend to forget the pattern. What happens when you forget the pattern lock code of you android. Loosing access to your smartphone is a nightmare for any person!

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