[MOD] Make GPS Faster on your Android Smartphone

Many of us must have faced the problem of delayed GPS Lock-on to satellites while using Google Maps or any other App that requires to obtain location from GPS. This is a common problem faced by many users. Sometimes it can take up to 5-10 mins for the GPS to lock on. It can get really irritating when you are in need of directions and your GPS takes ages to lock on to a satellite.

The trick we mention enables you to preset your region in your gps.conf file that is present is “system/etc” folder. This does considerably speed up the process of connecting to GPS but restricts you to that particular region. Which means that if you are living in, lets say “Italy” then it will connect to GPS in “Italy” very fast. But if you travel abroad to some other country, it wont connect to GPS at all as you have preset the region to Italy. If you wish to travel abroad, then all you have to do is restore the original gps.conf file.

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