Fish Bowl: An Excellent Alternative to the Stock Gallery on Android

The major advantage of Android is high level of customization. There are multiple apps on Google Play Store for each and every activity. For example, if an individual does not like the stock messaging app then Handcent SMS app can be used as an alternative. In the same way, Gallery also has many alternative apps on the Google Play Store.

Among these alternatives, Fish Bowl is the best app for viewing pictures and images on an Android device. It pioneered many original features not found on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, and saves you the trouble of paying for multiple photo apps. It can be used as a replacement or a supplement to your existing photo/video apps. The Gallery app which comes with the stock firmware is a good app. It has an excellent UI. But due to the 3D view of this app, it is very slow. It takes a lot of time to load the images. And moving the images from one folder to another is not possible using this app. The user will have to use some file manager for this purpose.

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