TWRP Recovery on Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray(ST18i) for CM10


CWM enjoyed monopoly in recoveries for a long time. It is indeed a good custom recovery. Being the first custom recovery it really did lay good groundwork for everyone. It has helped countless users to flash/backup/restore their phones. But it has a major drawback that you have to use the volume rockers to control it. CWM did come up with touch based recovery but it is available to a very limited number of devices(Xperia ray not being one of them). So always using the physical buttons becomes kind of annoying. However thomas1991_12 at XDA developers has successfully ported TWRP recovery to Xperia Ray(ST18i).

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[How-To] Flash Recovery for Xperia devices with Locked Bootloaders with X-Parts App

This is a tutorial to flash CWM based recovery into your Xperia series device with a locked bootloader. Technically, you don’t actually flash in this process; its a much easier method unique only to Xperia devices.

For this you need to have a Rooted device!

You need this app : X-parts. This App is available free in the Google play store! Continue reading