Sony releases new Flashtools to ease Flashing Stock Firmware

Sony has a reputation to help the developer community to develop non-stock firmware for their devices. Earlier Sony had launched an official method to unlock bootloaders of their Xperia series of devices. However once unlocked you weren’t able to officially revert back to stock firmware after flashing a custom ROM. Holding on to it’s reputation Sony has launched it’s own official Flashtools to help users with unlocked bootloaders and with custom ROMs to revert back to stock firmware with ease.

Sony Flashtool

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[How to] Flash New Kernel on any Sony Xperia Android Device

Once you unlock your Android’s Bootloader, changing the kernel is one of the many things that you can do with your Smartphone. The kernel is the piece of software that let’s the Android system to communicate with the hardware. Having a custom kernel has many advantages as follows:

  • Overclocking the processor
  • Provision for Undervolting the CPU (for battery saving)
  • Two way call recording
  • Zram script (improves performance)
  • Init.d support (boot time tweaks initialization)

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[How to] Enable Flash support for any website in IE 10 on Microsoft Surface Tablet

 Microsoft surface

IE 10 on Windows 8 on Surface, as we all know, has limited support for flash on websites. Not all websites work well as of yet on Surface. The flash support is based on a “white-list” of websites that are supported for flash and many websites are yet to be included in the white list yet.

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