Get Floating Widgets on any Android Device

There are number of ways to multitask in an Android device. Samsung had introduced the multi-window feature for some select Galaxy range of devices. There are some Sony Xperia devices which have the Small apps feature. And more recently, the floating apps have also become a very common phenomenon. Floating Stickies and Floating Draw have been extremely useful apps.


Now another floating app has surfaced up in the Google Play Store – Overlays. Developed by XDA Senior Member liorry, Overlays allows the user to place any widget already installed on the device above an already running application. For example, the user can float the music player widget over the maps application and easily multitask.
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Multitasking made Easy with Tiny Apps on Android

There are various ways to multi-task on an Android device. With Samsung introducing the multi-window feature, even Sony devices brought in the Small Apps feature to help perform more than one task at a time. But these features are device specific! They cannot be used on all Android devices.


XDA Forum Member wutk3ksHD has come up with his creation – Tiny Apps. This App is similar to the Small Apps found in some Sony devices. Tiny Apps is a collection of five useful floating utilities – Tiny Notes, Tiny Recorder, Tiny Paint, Tiny Music Player and Tiny Calculator. These five floating utilities have the ability to hover over any other App. Continue reading