Galaxy Note 3 available for $199 on-contract through Amazon, depending on your respective carrier

Usually on contract devices are a good way to actually acquire newly released devices at a reasonable amount. It is a better approach to obtain new handsets rather than shelling out a lot of money which burns a hole in our pockets. The Galaxy Note 3 falls in the premium category of devices that was announced recently and this revelation is exorbitantly priced at $299 on contract. This is in comparison to the other handsets available.Galaxy Note 3 Continue reading

Speculative reports suggest that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Smartwatch on 4 September

With reports trickling in continuously from South Korea, it is believed that Samsung will unveil the third-generation Galaxy Note Smartphone on 4 September. Based on a few other sources, it is speculated that Samsung will also reveal the “GEAR,” Samsung’s first Android-powered Smartwatch which will be the ostentatious display of Samsung’s elusive smart watch effort.

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