Samsung introduces the Galaxy S III mini Crystal Edition, device featuring 166 Swarovski crystal elements

Samsung accrues up a stellar growth amidst the stringent competition that exists in the smartphone market. With the advancements made in technology, Samsung plays a prominent role in bringing out innovations with consistent regularity. Samsung unveils revelations one after another, and this process is continued in a looped fashion. During this time rival competitors produce innovations ensuring that the tussle between rival competitors stays balanced as long as new-fangled devices continue to surface up.

Presently we can focus our attention to the Galaxy S III mini, the old device which was released a year ago. Now we are introduced to a newer version of this handset by the bestowment of 166 Swarovski crystal elements plus attractive design that will suffice in attracting the fashion-conscious ladies. The Galaxy S III mini Crystal Edition was seen in Germany and it is priced at 299 euros in Germany.s3-mini-crystal Continue reading

Disclosures of Android roundup eye-openers in the previous week!

Technological advancements are the norm of the economy. New smart phones, accessories, designs, newer phones with advanced configurations the new innovations, subtle revelations take the market by the storm, there is the anticipation building up by the presence that these communiqué’s drive forth their exhibition in the technological broadcasting’s that take place. Just the previous week we were treated to dispatchments by a Russian site on the insights of the Nexus 4. Also, coming into sight in the market & setting force into emergence will be the Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini shortly.

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