Samsung’s Galaxy Gear available at a discounted price of $240 (shipping inclusive) on eBay US [Deal]

During the time that innovations and other revelations surface up with consistent regularity, users can expect interesting disclosures as we move forward in time. Presently if you are fascinated by wearable technology and hope to purchase a gadget; then this festive period will certainly ring the bells for you. Incase prices have been the stumbling block, then this deal is undoubtedly the best one there for you!

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch is available for a price of only $240 from eBay. Users can avail this gadget on a 20 percent discount, along with the facility of free shipping. Having such discounted prices on Gear will surely assist in attracting consumers to grab the sense of wearable technology.Galaxy Gear Continue reading

Samsung launches the Galaxy S4 mini La Fleur edition

Samsung and its track record for introducing variants of already launched smartphones accrue consistently as we move forward in time. The set of revelations that are released increase multiplicatively as competitors try to gain a strong foothold in the market. Samsung has had a knack of releasing these handsets with floral patterns which have been broadly dubbed as the La Fleur editions. The newest entrant in this already existent series is the Galaxy S4 mini La Fleur, which arrives as a notable addition into this category after the launch of S III mini earlier this year.S4 Mini Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom available on AT&T for $199.99 (2-year contract)

Previously in June, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 Zoom which emphasized on the fundamental aspect of integrating the camera elements along-with the smartphone functionalities. Although the device possessed a little resemblance to the Galaxy S4 plus advanced functional camera integrated on the device, and it may have proved to be an advantageous resource for the photo enthusiasts.galaxys4-zoom Continue reading

LG broadcasts adverts that mock iPhones, Samsung and HTC phones maligning them on different fronts

Talk about taking your creative sparks onto the next level!  New set of broadcastments in Sweden highlight certain banner ads which have been designed specifically for mocking iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners. The adverts produce amusing elements by making fun of these brands over the duration of an advertisement.

Such development is a complete different trend from the ones followed by other manufacturing giants, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. Previously we have seen these giants making mockery of others by releasing adverts which directly try on defaming rivals. LG has completely ignored this trend and taken an alternative route wherein LG manages to convince users through their ads on switching to a better handset, the G2.LG G2 Continue reading