[MOD] Fruit Ninja with No Bombs and Earn High Scores of 50,000 and above

fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja is a fun game that almost every smart phone user has played at least once. This game has been a hit on both Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App store. It has received about 100 million downloads on Play store, which says it all. If you have played the game you might know that the bombs can get a bit irritating when you make an high score. When you make score about 200+ too many bombs start jumping on to the screen making it quite difficult to play the game.

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CSR Racing: Drag racing Redefined!

Drag racing has always appealed to a mass of gamers. It is fun, intuitive and entertaining. Though some can say that it is somewhat hackneyed and trite, one ends up having hours of fun playing drag racing. When Nitro Nation Drag racing was launched on iOS, it was a instant hit. The game play was good however it lacked one thing that all games boast about which is good graphics. To be frank, that game isn’t even comparable to other games on app store in terms of graphics. CSR racing is just the answer. CSR racing is developed by NaturalMotion. Other than having a great game play which we will talk about a little later, let’s move our attention to the stunning graphics that the game can boast about. The game has a captivating visual appeal to it that no other racing game can compete with. The details visible on the cars, the light reflections and the amazing blend of colors makes the game a complete visual treat. CSR racing - stunning graphics

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