Drag Racing Cheats: Get Unlimited Money and Unlimited RP points

Drag Racing is an addictive car racing game in which you can race with many cars and show off your skills in 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile races. You can drive 50+ officially licensed cars, from hot hatches to american muscle and 1000HP supercars. In this game, more than your skills, your timing is tested. Performing a gear shift at a proper time is very important for eventually winning the race.


The more races you win, the more money and RP you will get. This money can be either used to buy new cars or it can be used to upgrade the existing one. While upgrading the cars, right balance between power and grip must be found out. There are nitro boosts as well, which adds some spice in the game. Along with the money, the RP is also important as it will help you to unlock new levels.

Sometimes unlocking cars and gaining RP takes a lot of effort. Instead, there is a cheat available using which you can get unlimited money as well as RP. This will help to unlock the best cars and race using them. You can follow the instructions given below to use this cheat.
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