[How to] Cache Offline Maps In Google Maps on Android

This week, Google released an update to the Google Maps. With this update, many new features were introduced. The whole UI of the Google Maps was revamped. Along with the change in the UI, many new changes were introduced like the the new navigation changes like live traffic updates, incident reports, and dynamic rerouting. “Explore” feature was also added that which gave the users a new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep.


However one thing that was noticeably absent was the ability to save maps for offline use. This was a disappointment to an otherwise good update. But there is a way around to this problem. The user can save some particular locations for offline purpose. Follow the instructions given below.
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Google Maps Updated once again with New Offline Maps Option available

In the days gone by, we were treated to the most recent Google Maps update for Android. However, this recent update has been further enhanced to boost the functionality of this already existent Google Maps update. The re-updated version arrives with a newer software revision which presents its arrival with an addition of an old feature. This feature was apparently to be “cleverly hidden and it was easily accessible via a mildly interesting easter egg.

After these developments, there was severe backlash by users because the new update lacked an option to save maps for offline use. And Google has taken care of this aspect by adding an Offline Maps button with the latest software update.Offline-Maps-Update
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Download and Install the Latest Version of Google Maps (v7.0.0) on Android

Google Map has proved to be the best app when the user wants to explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate the world. It is very accurate which makes it a very reliable app. After the well known failure of the Apple Maps, Google Maps was reinstated on the iTunes.

Google had promised that Maps will be getting a long overdue update and now Google has started to roll out the new update of the Google Maps.


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Use MapsOpener to Set Google Maps as the Default Maps App on iOS

As Apple Maps bamboozled plenty with its unparalleled geographies, there was a need for the re-introduction of the Google Maps in the App store. Following the position of time that Apple Maps signified its need for improvements in various areas, it had become a necessity to use better, efficient and accurate maps that could help in achieving the intended target or destination when put into service.

Hence, succeeding the Apple Maps was eventually the Google Maps which was a big relief to groups of iOS users. This was welcomed & was anticipated considering the plentiful downloads of the free app on the App Store.Google maps
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Take advantage of Google Maps and Siri without Jailbreaking your iPhone

The announcements have stated its arrival & finally the re-introduction has surfaced up through various dispatchments. There is a widespread telecasting of their incorporation into the iOS again. Yes, the particularization itemization that is talked about is none other than Google Maps. Acting as front-page news through the various headlines, it has come to public’s eye that Google Maps  has returned in the iTunes Store.

During the time that they have been accounted as a replacement for the Apple’s iOS Maps, it has been found to be understood that these maps can be facilitated to work with Siri without even  jailbreaking the particular device.Google maps

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Search Inside Buildings using Google Indoor Maps On Your Android

Enter Google Indoor Maps on your Android. Navigation for locations like airports, malls, and more gets more detailed with Google chalking out floor plans for many commercial locations that are present around the world. Hence, an individual can navigate through this using Google Indoor Maps on your Android.

There has been list of locations presented for a view on the Google Support page. Check out the same from here.

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Google Maps on the fringe of returning to iPhone

Amongst several eye-openers that dispatch front-page news with respect to the on-going rumors around the circuit, this story propels an interesting disclosure to the whole scenario. It is expected that the Google Maps may make an astonishing comeback to the iPhone after the initial attempts of the Apple maps failed to materialize the required aspect in reference to the maps.

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Bamboozling Apple maps- The lost case of the unparalleled geographies

There have been consistent disappointments expressed from various corners on the flak Apple’s new maps have received. However, the only glimmer of light in this doomed situation is at least now Apple can trigger a competition. A assemblage of half baked maps were dished out by the Apple which replaced Google maps in iOS 6 highlighting’s it’s functionality as hardly mature product. The primarily important reason that is noted here is that these maps were produced to grab a strange-hold of the Apple faithful and the loyal descent of this family.

So its a Lost Mapportunity or a tale of unparalleled geographies? Only Time will Tell!

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