Google now posting OTA update files on its website


Whenever Google rolled out an update, it also uploaded the factory image of the update on its site. Using the factory image, you can install the latest Android version on your device. However, it required unlocking the bootloader first which would wipe all the data. Now Google has started to upload the OTA update itself.

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Catch sight of the upcoming Google Nexus 5 prototype in a leaked 7 minute video

Just previously, we have seen several rumors and leaks that have presented significant amount of information on the upcoming Nexus 5. At present we have been treated to some more details on this much anticipated revelation. The itemization briefing arrives in the form of a seven minute video which displays the Nexus 5 totally for the consumer’s view.

Based on the disclosed video, it is viewable that a prototype has been shown characterizing the reference to “Key Lime Pie” in the software in place of Android 4.4 KitKat. The device is seen missing with the Nexus branding on the back.

The displayable video exhibits a complete view of the hardware. The device features in a 4.95-inch IPS display alongwith the facilitation of a large rear camera in addition to the dual speakers appearing on the bottom hand 5

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New Nexus 7 Running Android 4.3 to launch on July 31 with Staples [Leaks]

According to a latest report that has surfaced up presently, it is speculated that the New Nexus is slated to arrive on July 31 with a retailer. It is regarded the new 7-inch tablet will come with Android 4.3, wireless charging, and SlimPort video out. The old leak also confirms that the dual cameras from the last
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Now, Install Ubuntu Touch OS on Google Nexus Devices

What is Ubuntu Touch?

Ubuntu is well known as a Linux Based operating system that is free to distribute. It has gained a good reputation as a reliable Linux Operating System. Recently Ubuntu has launched it’s Touch based OS targeted to run on smartphones.  Ubuntu Touch is currently launched as a Developer Preview. Which means that though it functions properly, you may find many features missing which you would want in your smartphone.

Android is also a Linux based OS it’s architecture isn’t much different from Ubuntu. Ubuntu Touch uses some low- lever Android Services so enable easy testing of Ubuntu Touch on Android Devices. The Ubuntu Touch OS has used CyanogenMod 10.1 image to build the ROM. It is a Proper Linux Operating System that will give you and true Linux Experience.

Ubuntu touch

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