Nexus 5 With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Launch Rumored in Early October

With reports spilling in some notably important information, it is easily palpable that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by LG.

According to reports from a Korean tech site Daum, it is reported that the device will arrive in October. Considering that the source is accurate, it is regarded that the Nexus 4 is currently being developed focusing largely on the hardware platform of the LG G2.Android Key Lime Pie
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Motorola Teases Moto X Smartphone In New Teaser Ad; advertised to be “The First Smartphone That You Can Design Yourself”

It has been a long waiting period for a Motorola Smartphone to be unveiled after its acquisition by Google, but at this moment we have been presented to an eye grabbing revelation that proves to be a new teaser ad. Previously it was assumed that there existed an unreleased and unannounced Moto X handset. This was suppositioned to be known as the Google X Phone till the time no official information was given out to the users. According to reports in May, the CEO had also confirmed regarding the existence of such a device, even assuring the consumers that such a revelation will surface up in the United States. Along these lines, there have been no serious lowdowns on this matter apart from few set of leaked images and other handful
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Google Play Movies updated with redesigned interface and “Watch Now” feature

At present we have witnessed a plethora of updates that have surfaced up over the course of time. Google has been updating these apps with the inclusion of a slide-out navigation bar. The next in line to receive this feature is Google Play Movies. But this is not the only update that has been provisioned out for this app.

Apart from the usual update for slide-out navigation bar, Google Play Movies has been bestowed by a new layout. This facilitation will can be viewed similar to the Google Now-esque card-like design. Additionally, a Watch Now feature has also been included that assists the progress in predicting what the user will want to watch next, and eventually it will help in providing easy access to those titles.Google-play-movies-br
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OPPO Find 7 confirmed & potential OPPO Find 5 Google Edition to come soon

OPPO today announced that it is planning to unveil another handset called as the Find 7. This revelation will be the next in line after the initial success that was achieved by OPPO. Being a newcomer to the already competitive Android Smartphone market, this disclosure promises to succeed in producing a quality handset. With a sleek design, exceptional battery life, unobjectionable software. Therefore the find 7 will be a successor the Find 5.oppo-find-5
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Apple demands the Android Source Code Records in Samsung Legal Case

Previously we have witnessed the growing tension between the manufacturing giants Apple and Samsung. This accrued tremendously after various developments surfaced up in conjunction with the Apple vs. Samsung cases. It looked like the matter was laid to rest by these competitive forces; however this battle has been highlighted again with the reigniting set of lowdowns that are associated with both of them.

With reports from various tidings, it is suggested that this conflict is being disputed near Apple’s home turf in San Jose, California. Based on the disclosures, it is construed that Apple has managed to present alleged accusations on Google. This is in relation with the improperly withholding potentially incriminating information. Along these lines, it seems that the Judge Paul S. Grewal has been requested to lay an agreement and force Google to dish out the necessitated source code information i.e., pertaining to the specific flagship mobile OS.Apple-Samsung
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Add and Sync Google, Gmail, Linkedin, Yahoo & Twitter Accounts on Windows Phone 8

As Smartphones act as mini-computers and provide the replacement for desktop computers, the ease of use facilitated by these devices keeps escalating with faster and efficient improvements. Thus, utilizing the aspects on the particular handset will be an advantageous perspective. Employing the various applications integrated on the device can serve a fruitful purpose in reference to using various apps and services.

Therefore, integrating and syncing the accounts of these services onto our handheld devices is a beneficial task which improves the overall condition at a particular instance of time. Hence, described below is a procedure to add accounts from services like Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Twitter on your Windows Phone 8.WP8
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Santa ties up with Google?

santa tracker

Oh don’t be so surprised by this news, this day wasn’t far away that Santa Clause and Google who give so many freebies to the world and expect nothing in return to work together. Christmas is upon us with less than 4 days left for Christmas, all are awaiting for Santa to deliver their Cristmas gifts. So is Google helping others to eagerly wait for Santa. You surly must be confused as to how Google is involved with Santa.

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Top 5 Social Media Apps for Android users

The social network has become an important part of peoples lives. It is a way by which an individual can stay connected with the rest of the world. Facebook and Twitter are a huge hit among the masses. Due to the busy lifestyle it has become difficult to use these media. But with the inception of smartphones, an individual can stay in touch with the rest of the world using the respective social media apps. Here is a list of top 5 social media apps for Android users.Social Media Apps
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Return of the Google Maps App in iTunes Store

The excruciating wait is over!

It a sign of relief for the fans of Google Maps, definitely now even the iPhone and iPad users can also bestow the functionality provided by the Google Maps.

Finally, after the Apple maps and its controversies we inescapably turn our attention to Google Maps yet again. As reported earlier in a snippet posted by us, we had mentioned about the possibility of Google Maps returning to iPhone. To lay an end to the on-going speculation about the same, we are dished out here with the information that Google has unveiled an application of the official Google Maps for the iOS. After the way Apple maps had enforced upon striking a chord with the users and failing in their pursuits, it was a matter of time that Google Maps to surfaced up yet again in the iTunes App Store. The announcement has been made & assuredly the users have an alternative to Apple’s sub-par maps.
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Google Maps on the fringe of returning to iPhone

Amongst several eye-openers that dispatch front-page news with respect to the on-going rumors around the circuit, this story propels an interesting disclosure to the whole scenario. It is expected that the Google Maps may make an astonishing comeback to the iPhone after the initial attempts of the Apple maps failed to materialize the required aspect in reference to the maps.

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